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Homey Dining

      “…catching up over good food and something…”

                   I was scanning through my boyfriend’s phone this morning, and I happen to see these photos when we were dining out at Duzz Grill few months ago.


 He had actually been there last Valentine’s Day (when he wanted to spend time with me, but I chose to spend it with my family, so he was like… 10996150_950916438253893_2764726751969233398_n 😀

 He told me the place was nice and that he wanted to bring me there. SO HE DID!!

The restaurant is in 33A Fourth Street, San Antonio Village, Apas, Lahug. We took the Gaisano Country Mall Route because it’s the nearest from Mandaue (and I think the easiest). We rode a motorcycle-for-hire (habal-habal) from Country Mall and just told the driver to take us to Duzz Grill. The motorcycle drivers knew the place well. But when we were on our way, I was like… “Are we on the right street?”…because we were inside a village where all you could see were the residential houses. My boyfriend just said, “Wait and you’ll see.” I was starting to be worried but I trusted him (of course, he’d been there). The driver stopped in front of a blue gate. The gate was so simple and there were no signage along the way not even in front of the gate.

(Photo not mine)

                   Who would have thought that inside this big gate is actually the restaurant that they were talking about. It is a house converted into a restaurant. The first thing I liked upon entering the restaurant were the accommodating staffs greeting us. The place was quite though there were few people there already. It was cozy and intimate and was very homey. I like alfresco dining so we chose to eat at the gazebo area outside.


            One of the staff gave us the menu but my boyfriend already knew what to order. We ordered their best-seller and most talked spicy ribs, their special spaghetti, and the pork tenderloin with spinach and rice. (we’re not really hungry, huh?) Their prices range from 80-180 (that time, I don’t know now). 😀 So it’s eating time….I could hear his tummy growling.

11025998_958311117514425_2887840591231038233_n 11021080_958311104181093_2609368780456628160_n 10985259_958311224181081_4683703469437638874_n 10980708_958311184181085_4971811433366668491_n

              I couldn’t believe we devoured everything! Whoah!

  And of course, I wouldn’t leave without taking some pictures (glad my ever supportive boyfriend/photographer couldn’t argue because he was very full 😛 ) 10410601_958311370847733_2392974293532191433_n


And BIG BURP from the two of us!


’till next post. Love lots. :* Ciao!



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