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Gatubod Spring Resort — A Resort Near Home

“Please, excuse the mess. We are making memories.”

There is this new Spring Resort near home and everybody’s bustling about it. Of course, since it is sooo near our house (like only 1 km away from our house), we couldn’t miss it. To the resort, WE GO!

The weather was perfect to have fun. I was bored, there were no new DVDs at home, I couldn’t go shopping nor stroll the mall because I was broke. I heard the kids outside the house playing hide-and-seek. (I wished to play with them, but Lola was there, she’d say, “Katiguwang na nimo, magduwa gihapon ka ana? Pag urong!”) So, I called them and asked if they wanted to go swimming. They all wanted to. Without further ado, we prepared to go. We just walked because it’s near, it took us less than 30 minutes walking.

When we got there, the entrance was very crowded. There were many people and all the cottages were occupied and reserved. Luckily, the one who was in the reception was a friend of mine, we were able to get in. (It pays to be friendly 🙂 )

View from the right side.
View from the top right

The resort has three pools. This is first pool you can see upon entering, this is also the deepest. It’s up up to 7 ft deep. And, look at the slides!

View from Kiddies’ pool
View from the Kiddies’ Pool
View from the lower right, going to the 3rd pool

And this is the Kiddies’ Pool.

10896417_904170902960308_4621826915889016130_o 10925473_904164272960971_3689947998575310502_o 10934094_904168389627226_6974121294738855118_o

And this is the third pool. It was crowded, usually it is. This is not too deep and is bigger than the first one.

10903977_904164216294310_1016619925885611421_o 10914729_904163566294375_5286337706986180358_o 10320986_904162026294529_4911823973053944274_o 10918943_904173129626752_297188544988339774_o 10918931_904173299626735_3617646263931769682_o 10914726_904174689626596_4133126702047231867_o 10348940_904173826293349_7190677202167151921_o

And it’s swimming time! Look at these kids I was with. (I actually belonged.) 😀

10920096_904162219627843_1178418683160025570_o 10911504_904163086294423_4231788003055889647_o 10887633_904162756294456_475667287137148356_o 1654695_904162832961115_1654410681363077456_o 10904582_904163176294414_4090041794974021954_o 10914729_904163566294375_5286337706986180358_o 1973788_904167976293934_645648583895594190_o

Me and Maria Fe
Me and Maria Fe
Me and my cousin
Me and my cousin
me and brother
me and brother

More Information:

*Entrance Fee — Php30 (Kids) / Php60 (Adult)

*Cottages: Ranges from Php250 – Php500

*No corkage

How To Get There:

*From Sm/Mandaue, just ride a jeepney or bus going to Compostela or Danao. Ask the driver to drop you off in Compostela Public Market or in Guimbal, corner going to Virginia Foods Inc.. There are motorcycles for hire (habal-habal) and will take you to the resort. The travel from the market is 15-20 minutes. It would be a bumpy ride going there, but it would be worth it.

One more shot! 🙂

’til next post. *Ciao!



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