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Those Little Toes


Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little itty bitty clothes. 🙂

I would like to dedicate this post to my two younger sisters who are very blessed to have this cute little angels. I knew you were both young to become mothers, but I believe you would become a good one. You may had disappointed me but trust that I will always be your Ate. I will always be here to support you (just please don’t ask money for milk and diapers 😀 ) hahahah! I love you. ❤


Let me start posting with some good vibes. First, by letting you meet these little angels added to our family. Meet Ahkirah Faye and Lougee Nicollo. 🙂 They are my younger sisters babies. Ahkira or Kira is Yame’s daughter, she was born on December 27, 2014. Lougee or Nico is Baam’s son, he was born on December 29,2014. And, yep! You read it right. They were just one-day apart. And yep! You read it right again. Yame and Baam were my younger sisters. And yep! I don’t have a child yet! 😀 hahaha

When I learned about their pregnancy, I was startled. I cried for many nights without them knowing. I was very disappointed and I kept asking myself where I’ve gone wrong, what I’ve done wrong, what I failed to do, what I failed to remind them. I questioned myself if I had been a good sister to them and for what godforsaken reason this happened. After all, I found myself responsible for them because I am the eldest and I am supposed to look after them because my parents were not together anymore. But I failed! 😦

I kept that feeling of disappointment deep within, but they never heard anything from me, not even a single word of hatred. I never questioned their actions. I never blamed them for being pregnant at an early age. I never scolded them. After all, they’re just people and they’re my sisters.

My dad was still working abroad that time, and telling him about it was very crucial. I didn’t want him to worry about us back here in Philippines. It took me a month before I decided to really tell him the truth. I was hurt, seeing my dad cried over Skype. I knew he felt the same way. I knew he was worried. But he never said anything painful to me, to us. He simply said that we should accept it because it already happened.

So we did! I am happy for my sisters. They are blessed with these little toes. Who wouldn’t be thankful if you have a niece and a nephew as wonderful as them? 20150325_120242 20150325_120431

Look at them, they’ve grown up fast and BIG!!! ahahaha


And here’s a happy far-far. A happy grandpa….

       A happy Papa-Lolo 🙂

Aren’t they lovely?

             Lougee Nicollo
               Ahkira Faye


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