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For The Love of Shrimp Siomai! (David’s Tea House)

Inspired by the song I posted yesterday about two lovers who love to eat together, here is my entry. 🙂

Ace and I love to eat together, too. Eating is one of our bonding moment. It’s amazing that we both share the same likes when it comes to food. There are even times when we crave for the same thing. (I’m thinking of writing a photo blog about our “eating-together” pictures next time.)

Anyway, because we share the same love towards shrimp siomai… we decided to celebrate our month anniversary few months ago at David’s Tea HouseIMG_20150716_232222W-wait, I just mentioned we wanted to eat shrimp siomai, what the heck are we doing in a tea house?

Chill. David’s is not only a tea house but they also have tasty Hong Kong Style Dimsum, Noodles, Congee and many more on their menu. It’s branch in Mandaue City is situated in the City Times Square. It’s the first restaurant on the right upon entering CTS.

(Meanwhile, here are photos taken before going inside the restaurant.)

cc   nnnnm

We couldn’t help taking picture first before going inside because of the picturesque City Times Square sign with the beautiful fountain in front of it. Actually, it’s the color changing light that makes it beautiful, I think. 🙂

I loved the red surrounding…hahah it makes the place look “royal”. Okay, and so we ordered immediately because our tummies were starting to growl. Because the main reason why we chose to dine in there was shrimp siomai, so we had it for Php75. We ordered three servings of it (ah, this love for shrimp). We also had Shark’s Fin Dumpling for Php75, and their Yangchow Fried Rice for Php180.

Okay, let’s wait for the order first…meanwhile…

bc  nbv

Oh, that one white rose! He always gives me one every month anniversary, it’s my favorite flower — not a bouquet of it but only one.

I almost forgot, while we waited for our order, we were served with tea and peanut. (We waited for not less than 5 minutes.) I think, they’re catching the shrimps from their aquarium that’s why it took a while to prepare it…ahahah (just kidding) nnb

And here is our order. 🙂 Yum, yum, yum..

nbb bb  nvv

I couldn’t wait to taste it…


Taaaadaaa…!!!! We just devoured everything…


Big burp from the two of us! 🙂 

nn   nv

*Another craving was satisfied… 🙂 Thank you David’s.

’til next post. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. *Ciao.



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