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It’s Friday and I’m Happy.

Happy weekend, everyone!

One of the most wonderful feeling is going to bed realizing that you don’t have to set up an alarm for the next morning. Oh, weekend!!!


Here are the reasons why I’m so excited for you!

  • I want to see mom. I don’t know, I just missed her suddenly.
  • I want to go home. (I’m living in an apartment in the city.) Finally, I can spend time with my little cousins. I miss the positive vibration my hometown gives me every time I stay there a day or two.
  • I want to see my niece and nephew. I miss them a lot. I watched their videos on my laptop this morning. They were few months old on those videos, I laughed and cried. hahaha (maybe because, I just missed them)
  • I want to eat my grandfather’s native chicken recipe. My grandpa’s a good cook.
  • and more…more…more…

I’m already sleepy. That’s it for now!

Enjoy your weekend!

Hugs and kisses. :*



Hi, there!.. :) I'm Emz, a frustrated writer/blogger from a far-flung place of Cebu, Philippines. I love reading and writing, and if there's two things I can't live without, it would be my pen and my notebook. I have the love for food and travel. I am optimistic and I am a dreamer. Thus, Thought Diary is more like me. Here are tidbits of life, inspiration, places, people and myself. Welcome to my corner! Thank you for dropping by. :)

3 thoughts on “It’s Friday and I’m Happy.

  1. Wow, what a massive tree in that photo.

    Woot! Friday! I’m working tomorrow but it’s not all bad. I’ve been recovering from a particularly vicious virus all week so I don’t feel like venturing out too far anyway. And I will be working from home.

    But, seeing you and reading your blog post has made my weekend. Thank you, Emz 😀

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