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Cebu’s Best! Lechon Coming Up!

With just 20 days before Christmas, our calendar must be quite full already. Mine, is! 

Been very busy scheduling parties and looking for Christmas presents for the chikitings at home. I’m getting really excited. 🙂 

Today, I want to share to you a common food that you’ll possibly see on the table on Christmas day. (We also have this during birthdays and other special occasion.)

It’s Inasal baboy or Lechon (Roasted Pig).


Oh, poor pig. Unaware of his fate, after being fattened he will end up like this…

the pig uncooked yet

December 25th is also my mom’s younger brother’s birthday. We grew up together so every year, I saw how my grandparents always made sure to have this Lechon on the table during his birthday. My late grandmother said he get’s sick (literally) if there is none. (Duhh!!!) (He’s such a lucky brat!)

almost done

There you go, it’s almost done. Meanwhile, let’s see if the hanging rice is also done.

Hanging Rice

Oh my! It’s not cooked yet. 😥 I’m hungry. The Lechon is already on the table and I’m trying to resist tasting it.

But..but..but…ooppzzz. Sorry! 

Forgive me.

Finally…devouring time! Help yourselves, people. 


There you go! Everybody…big burp!!!! 🙂 

Lechon is one of the must-try food when you visit Cebu. There are many famous lechon stores around the city. But my family prefer to cook our own whenever we have one. 

P.S  This one was during my birthday last June. I posted this because I am expecting this scene these coming days… 🙂

Dec. 18 — younger brother’s 13th b-day

Dec. 25 — Ace’s 29th and Christian’s 23rd (mom’s younger brother) b-day

Dec. 26 — Althea’s 2nd birthday (my cousin)

Dec. 27 — Ahkirah’s 1st birthday

Dec. 29  — Lougee’s 1st birthday

January 01 — NEW YEAR!



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