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Open Letter for our Anniversary.

I chose you. And I’ll choose you over and over again.

Here’s to a wonderful year we had and to more years ahead!


We have come a long way, but we have a longer way to go. We have many more highs to share along with a few lows. Our anniversary is that point in our love’s journey where we can pause and realize how we have been so blessed to have each other. 

It’s on this same day when we decided to love each other. It’s been a year since that day, but I never have regrets. There was never a time I regretted choosing you over a 7-year old relationship. Despite the mess I put you into… you’re still here. Our first four months must had been very hard for you. Yet never did you waver.

You already have endured my childish attitude for a year, isn’t it amazing? As for me, I am amazed. 🙂 With our heaps of individual differences, I never thought we could make it this far. But we did!!! And I am super grateful.

I just want you to know that after a year, my feelings towards you continue to grow every waking day.


I am in love with everything you do.

I’m in love… how you greet me good morning, how you make me coffee and brunch in bed because I’m no morning person, how punctual you are because you know I hate to wait, and how patient you are because you know I am very slow, how you always find time to see me everyday.

I love.. the way you talk and the way you walk, the way you smile every time you see me, the way you laugh at my old jokes, the way you hold my hands when we walk down the streets.

I am always amused.. every time you hold me close when there is a handsome guy we come across, every time your eyebrows meet when you see a notification on my facebook from some boy friends.

I like it… when you text me random Iloveyou and take care, when you remind me to eat well because I sometimes just play with my food (sorry), when you bring me Potato Corner fries because you know it’s one of my happiness, and when you already know what I want without me saying because you know me so well.

I always get butterflies… with a one white rose you give me every month, with the sweet random notes, with the simple presents, with every “hey, this is my girlfriend” you say to your colleagues and relatives.

I am happy… because you understand that sometimes it is better to lose an argument than lose me 🙂 hehehe so you let me win over (just kidding), because you always let me choose the places to eat because you know I am choosy with food, because you are trying to love my favorites from color to foods.

I always believe that I wasn’t mistaken when I chose you. I know you love my family as much as I love them. I see how comfortable you are with them. I see how pleased they are with you.

Thank you! 

…for the love and care. You never failed showing your love to me. I feel loved everyday.

…for your patience. I know I am always hard to be with.

…for your time. Even though you’re tired from work, you always make sure to come to my office and fetch me.

…for planning your future with me. Looking forward for June next year. :*

…for EVERYTHING. For being my best friend, my eating buddy, my travel buddy, my number one fan, my inspiration, my love and my king.

We’ve been through ups and downs but we managed to get through them. In the process, we grow and mature. I hope we stay in love with each other. 


Happy one year to us! 

Love, Putot. 🙂




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