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That Coffee Prince with Love! (Coffee Prince)

My coffee addiction has no treatment. 🙂 I don’t want it to be treated, anyway. Hahah. And for that…this award is mine. 

Coffee Lover
Certified coffee lover.

Korean cafes are indeed all around the city. They’re a big hit because of their unique interior design concept and great ambiance not mentioning their coffeelicious menu.

Strolled around Mandaue City last Saturday night, and we came across this newly opened cafe — another Korean cafe. It’s Coffee Prince.


I’ve heard about the other branch in Osmena Blvd, but I didn’t get the chance to visit there. And whoah… they opened this new branch just last December 12. It’s located in AS Fortuna St, Banilad, Mandaue City — beside Chosun Galbi and across the Pink Sister’s Adoration Chapel.

Coffee Prince is inspired by a 2007 Korean drama “Coffee Prince” that was also dubbed in Filipino and was shown on Philippine TV.

How it looks outside.

They have this wonderful view outside that is very inviting.

This is how it looks inside.


Oh, those beautiful bead-curtains. Their staffs are very friendly and they are dressed like the ones in the drama. Just like any other Korean-inspired cafes, they have cubicles full of cute stuff toys and character pillows. Look who we met. It’s Pica-chu from Pokemon and Chopper from One Piece.


The best seller is their Java Chip Frap- that’s what he ordered. I ordered my loved Mocha — this time it’s Mocha Blanco Frap on their menu. We also ordered Bulgogi Nachos, a fusion of Korean and Mexican food.


They gave us this cute love lock that we hung on their “love corner” outside. We hope to still see it on our next visit. This is what we wrote.


Putot (me) and Daot (him) is our endearment. Putot means “petite” and Daot means “slim” in Visayan term.

The verdict: I want to bring Chopper home, please. Hahah. The cafe is definitely worth coming back for.

‘Til my next visit, Coffee Prince. 🙂




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