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My Ma and Pa Met His Ma and Pa.

I just lost my boyfriend…he’s my fiance now!


Ma and Pa finally met my boyfriend’s parents last Saturday. We had dinner at Joven’s Grill and Seafood at Parkmall.

L-R: Mom, younger brother, dad, boyfriend, his dad, his mom, his younger sister, your’s truly.

The dinner was to celebrate his mom’s 60th birthday and to talk about our plan for this year. We’re GETTING MARRIED! Both our parents affirmed to our plans. 🙂 So right now, we are…


We plan to have just a simple celebration when the day comes. Teaser: It would be before our anniversary.

Presenting, us with our respective parents. 🙂 Haha (Excuse me for the quality of the photo. And no, that’s not our baby.)

People around us are already excited to have our family tied together. We are, too. Stay tuned and updated… that day is not very far.




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20 thoughts on “My Ma and Pa Met His Ma and Pa.

  1. This is so sudden…where can I buy a hat…

    Only joking, I am not really gatecrashing your big day.

    Congratulations. I’ll be celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary in July. It helps if both of you (important that it really is both of you) compromise and get on as friends.

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