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Musing over Need VS Greed Plus Contentment.

Browsing through Facebook last night and I stumbled across this thought…

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              Whether you have Apple or Samsung, people who call you remains the same.

Now, that made sense!

When I was younger, I used to dream of a big house with spacious rooms, maids in uniform, beautiful clothes, expensive cars, owning a private plane…a luxurious living. But those were my innocent dreams.

In school, I was taught about people’s Physiological, Safety or Security, Love or Belonging, Self-esteem, andSelf-actualization needs. We have them! So, did we find contentment?

I asked myself that question. I’m, Wow! I felt like a candidate in a Miss Universe pageant on a Q&A portion. Hot seat! I was actually surprised how I find myself having a hard time answering the question. (facepalm)

I have always believed that I am contented with my life. Am I?

Yes, I am.

Now, you ask… you are ambitious, you are a dreamer, how can you be contented?

Contentment — happiness with one’s situation in life , as defined in my dictionary. In my own understanding, it’s satisfaction towards something.

Take this for example. I want to be rich, albeit, I am happy with my life. It means, I am open to possibilities of being rich. But I am not desperate to become one.

I dream. I have ambitions. But I’m not dying to have them. I’m happy with what I am, and what I have for the moment. I want to live simply. Those dreams I had when I was a kid, were just part of my childhood life. I don’t want them anymore. I already have my new set of dreams, this time they’re simple and well, possible. hahaha! 😀

So the thing here is, wanting for more is alright…just know your limit.


Leaving you this thought from Epicurus, Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among those things you only hoped for. 

How, about you? Have you found contentment yet?




Hi, there!.. :) I'm Emz, a frustrated writer/blogger from a far-flung place of Cebu, Philippines. I love reading and writing, and if there's two things I can't live without, it would be my pen and my notebook. I have the love for food and travel. I am optimistic and I am a dreamer. Thus, Thought Diary is more like me. Here are tidbits of life, inspiration, places, people and myself. Welcome to my corner! Thank you for dropping by. :)

9 thoughts on “Musing over Need VS Greed Plus Contentment.

  1. Babe …. I’ve nominated you for My Lovely blog Award…. I don’t need to give a reason… are one of the most lovely friends I have ….over here… 😍😍😘😘😘
    For more info. .plz read my post

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  2. There will always be things that you desire and want – that’s all part of being human. But, yes, you are so right. It’s important to be happy with the things that you have attained.

    In a lot of ways, my life is the best it has been for a long time. But there is still more for me to work and pray for.

    But it is important to be happy with what you have already gained in your life.

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