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Musing Over The Walls I Built.

Sometimes you have to shut up, swallow your pride and accept that you are wrong. It’s not giving up. It’s called growing up.


You built walls. They built walls. You are both trapped!

I must admit, I was one of those people who build strong walls, high with pride. I had my relationships with people ruined because of it. I had always been proud. And the walls I built were too high that I never see the beauty of the people behind it anymore.  I was never the kind to easily apologize. Swallowing my pride was an impossible thing. 


I always say, “I never hold grudges”. Then I realized, building those walls is no different with holding grudges. Allowing those walls to eat me never brought me anything good but lost people and destroyed relationships. Looking back, I realized how true that “pride is a mask of my own faults”.  There was never real happiness. 


Things have changed. I must say, I have learned so much.

And I’m ready to break those walls, and throw the pride and scorn I used in building them. In that way, I will have no way to rebuild it.

I’m learning to swallow it. It will not kill me anyway. 🙂


‘Til next post! Have a great weekend, everyone! Keep safe. :*



Hi, there!.. :) I'm Emz, a frustrated writer/blogger from a far-flung place of Cebu, Philippines. I love reading and writing, and if there's two things I can't live without, it would be my pen and my notebook. I have the love for food and travel. I am optimistic and I am a dreamer. Thus, Thought Diary is more like me. Here are tidbits of life, inspiration, places, people and myself. Welcome to my corner! Thank you for dropping by. :)

16 thoughts on “Musing Over The Walls I Built.

  1. Oh, I know some walls! I had so many when I had my eating disorder. Kudos to you for seeing those walls and starting to look over them. You are too sweet to be trapped behind walls. Swing that wrecking ball and let the bricks fall!!!

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