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Wednesday Rambles | Before April Fools Us.

It’s the last day of the month!!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful March month. Mine was great and so blessed!

So, are you ready for April?  I hope you are, so you won’t be fooled by people’s statuses and tweets tomorrow. #AprilFoolsDay will be trending for sure. 😀

Anyway, don’t worry… I’m not going to fool anyone here. You all are too smart to be fooled by me. Hahah. Well, if I can’t play a prank for you, maybe someone else can.

So, good luck!!!

‘Til your posts about how you’re fooled, people! Keep safe!




Hi, there!.. :) I'm Emz, a frustrated writer/blogger from a far-flung place of Cebu, Philippines. I love reading and writing, and if there's two things I can't live without, it would be my pen and my notebook. I have the love for food and travel. I am optimistic and I am a dreamer. Thus, Thought Diary is more like me. Here are tidbits of life, inspiration, places, people and myself. Welcome to my corner! Thank you for dropping by. :)

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Rambles | Before April Fools Us.

  1. No one tried to fool me and it was a good job too. I wasn’t in much of a mood for pranks on Friday. Actually, no-one at work was. It was a very hectic week and Friday was particularly manic.

    When Yasmin was still a schoolgirl she got up early one April Fool’s Day and put cling film across the toilet. That was unusual for a start – Yasmin getting up early. Thankfully for me, her getting up early alerted Gloria and me that she had done something.

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    1. Haha…I knew you’re too wise to be fooled. But Yasmin’s attempt was great!

      My friends believed when I posted a positive Pregnancy test picture on Facebook. LOL. I had fun reading their comments of curiosity and congratulations. hahah. 😀 I’m going to reveal the truth later.

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