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To Like or Not To Like.

To like or not to to like?

Have you been also wondering what that  “Like” button means? I’m talking about that thumbs up you give to someone’s post on Facebook, Instagram and/or other social media accounts.


Okay, so I only have Facebook and this WordPress account. I don’t really know how that Instagram or Twitter and others work. But I believe the “like” button works the same. (Not unless, Instagram made a rule that “thumbs up” button means dislike. LOL)

Anyway, here’s the thing…let’s focus on Facebook, then. I am really wondering how the meaning of thumbs up changed. As far as my knowledge had been, I understand that — we like a post if it is something, well, “likeable”. 😛

Say, I love pets, so I will like all posts about my friends’ cute pets on my feed. (Duh!) I love baby pictures, so I will like all cute baby pictures on my feed. (Urgh, okay!) This is excused. You like those posts you truly like.  (Obviously.)

But how about this… someone posted, “I am sick! 😥 huhuh”. Then it got 45 likes. Whoah!!! Is that how bad this someone is, that 45 people like it that he is sick? LOL.

Here’s another one… “‘Til we meet again (insert a dead person’s name here). RIP.” Oh, and it got 24 likes. Then those who liked commented their condolences. I’m like, seriously? You just liked that post and now your sending a condolence. Are you trying to kid me?

And my list could go on and on… but I’ll stop here!

Okay, my point is. Someone sent me a “flood like” that I almost drown. Those posts are not likeable but they get thumbs up. And I’m left wondering why, then realizing that some people just like whatever posts you have, hoping to get likes in return. Wait, what?

In my own opinion, Facebook lost the real meaning of that “thumbs up button” there. And that some people misused, and abused that liking power. (sigh!)


P.S  This is some kind of a negative thought in my mind right now, so excuse me for this rambling. I’m…well, just saying.

Now, don’t click that like button if this does not make sense. I don’t really mind. 🙂


Keep safe, good people! And have a good night. :*





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21 thoughts on “To Like or Not To Like.

  1. This is a tricky subject for me. I’m always appreciative of likes, but when I get that “flood” it’s obvious that they didn’t read anything that I wrote 😒 It’s hard to understand why people do that. Usually I’ll visit their page, read and like one or two things back. But I don’t flood them back and I don’t know if that’s what they’re expecting? It’s confusing.

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  2. When I was on Facebook I could not believe all the “likes” for stupid things that some people would post. I once made a mention about wanting to do something not very good to myself (it was during my eating disorder years). Well, everyone and their gramma gave it the big ol’ thumbs up. WHAT!!! I wanted to die and people were “happy” about that?! Talk about just not getting it. That is why I gave Zuckerberg the big thumbs down.

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  3. Hi, Liza here.

    Just a thought…not all of us are always scrolling up and down our latest news feeds 24/7.
    Some of us don’t log on to our social media sites (be it Facebook, WordPress, Instagram or Twitter) every day so when we do log on after a week or month or so – we try and ‘catch up’ with what was happening in a person’s life or their Blog.
    Sometimes I like what they wore (be it clothes or shoes), other times I just like the picture they posted with their blog entry for the day and not necessarily the entire post but instead of just liking the picture you just like the entire post – if that makes sense…
    Anyway, other people have a lot of followers so they try and show their ‘respect’ to their followers by liking something back ( a #likeforlike kinda vibe) even if it is an old post. 😉

    Anyway that’s just my thoughts.

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