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Magical Mystery Ride – (Part 3: Never Again.)

Hello, everyone!

To those who have been following our Magical Mystery Ride story, here is the part three. 🙂 I’m so sorry for the delay… the making is so slow. And for those who want to catch up, you can read the Part 1 here, and the Part 2 here.

Once again, this is a love story…proceed with caution. 🙂


It’s a beautiful day and must be one of the finest days of April so far. We just came back from a day-off.

Yesterday was not very different, we just stayed home and watched movie together the whole day. What made it a great, was that we get the chance to spend some quality time and talk about “us and our relationship” in the middle of this whole wedding preparation. With only two months left, we couldn’t help but feel excited.

But I must admit, though we already talked about our certainty of doing this vow before we got engaged, there was this fear inside me. I was afraid our marriage would fail like my parent’s…

Yeah, I hear you. I knew relationships are not the same. But can you blame me if I felt that way?

I grew up seeing how my parents loved each other very much, like their love is forever. I grew up proud of having the most wonderful family. I can still remember, bragging to my classmates that I have the perfect family. My parents — they were inlove to each other then. There was never a hint of that ‘perfect family’ coming apart. But it happened. 😥 One day, the house that was so full of laughter and joy suddenly became like a strange haven. Loud arguments replaced the sound of laughter. The living room became my dad’s bedroom for a while. Gone were the days when we go to church together as a whole family. And eventually, my parent’s marriage didn’t work out anymore. They separated. 

I was left comforting my younger sisters and brother, making them understand what was going on. I was left with no choice but be strong for them because they were too young to feel the pain brought by my parent’s decision. All those time of pretending to be strong, I had hoped they will find each other again and give it another try, but 5 years passed and it didn’t happen. I lost the hope, and started to move one. 

I tried to believe that there is forever in love. But, I myself had my own share of pain because of loving someone. It reminded me that love was not forever, that people would be in love but it wouldn’t last. 

Until you came…. You make me feel special, loved, cared and treasured. You make me want to believe in forever again. You make me want to give love a chance to show me that it is evergreen.

So yesterday, we talked about the wedding, the vow, the promise of being together. I told you about my fear. But once again, you gave me the assurance of staying. You made your parents an example that forever is possible. You made me realize that relationships are not the same. It didn’t work with my parent’s but it worked with yours. And I want to believe that we could make it work, too.

Ace and I

I trust you, I trust you my heart. And I’m ready for the vow. You are not the man in my dreams, nor I am the woman in yours. But we learn to accept the flaws in us, and see the good in each other. I believe our love is stronger than those dreams. Let’s make the future together. If forever is not possible for now, let’s make it possible then.


–To Be Continued!–





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18 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Ride – (Part 3: Never Again.)

      1. I agree that waiting can be very hard… 🙂 But if it is worth the wait then…let’s wait. tehehe

        Yeah, sure…I’ve checked your blog and I couldn’t help but hit that follow button there…your blog is amazing. 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.
        Keep in touch!

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  1. Here’s wishing you all the best.

    Congratulations on your love. In July, Gloria and I will celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. As long as you are both willing to work at the marriage, I’m sure that you’ll stay together forever.

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