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Love Sealed Forever. (Our Journey Together.)

“Destiny brought us together. Now, our love will seal our bond forever.”


Last June 16 – exactly two weeks ago, Ace and I decided to start a new journey together.

We had our civil wedding ceremony held at Mandaue City Hall in the Mayor’s office. We were not able to have our wedding in the church because we ran out of time to comply all the requirements. (Obviously, church wedding takes time.) We were told to postpone it, which we thought a bad sign (that’s what we believe). So, we agreed… no matter what happens, we would be wed on the said date. Hence, the civil ceremony.

Our pledge to hold on to each other through thick and thin.

We were both surprised as to how fast the ceremony was. Just imagine, it did not take more than 4 minutes. Whoah! (Well, not one of us had attended a civil wedding before.)

Actually, it was similar to the church ceremony minus the Holy Mass or religious service. There was no bible, no veils, no cord, no candles. All we have was the arrhae and the wedding rings.

Here’s Ace putting on the ring for me.

The ring as a symbol of our love and loyalty to each other.

After putting on the ring and giving the arrhae, the solemnizing officer who was the city mayor by the way, gave his message and final blessing to us. And tada…! It’s done.

So here we’re signing our marriage contract and pledge to love each other in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer and ’til death do us part.

Ace signing the contract.
Me signing the contract.

And then, photo with the city mayor.

The city mayor and the newly married couple.

If I was not mistaken, I think we stayed in the Mayor’s office for only 15 minutes. And off we went to the restaurant for lunch.

The rustic theme of the restaurant.

We didn’t have a big and luxurious reception since aside from the three witnesses, we only had our family and few close friends with us. We just had lunch with them at the newly opened Neo-Neo’s Grill Restaurant. We chose it because not only they serve Filipino food, they have this rustic theme and private room for occasions like this.

Guess, we were all hungry. Look!

Couple, parents and witnesses’ table.
Friends’ table.

After lunch, Ace and I had a karaoke party treat from his friends. After all of those, the two of us went to church.

Forever is a long time, but we wouldn’t mind spending it side by side. ❤


This wedding was not the fairy tale one which I dreamed when I was younger. There was no beautiful gown, no red isle, no flowers around… but on the day when I said ‘I do’, was one of the happiest and fulfilling day of my life. I couldn’t be more happier. Because I am certain that I’d be happy for the rest of my life with him.



P.S… This post goes to my family and friends who were very supportive to us. Special credits to Abby and Louise who did my hair, and to Kim for my beautiful dress. You guys are super!


P.P.S I would not end this post without showing you guys our DIY invitation card and tokens. Ace and I made it ourselves. 🙂


See you on our church wedding… (not too long…) :* Keep safe!



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13 thoughts on “Love Sealed Forever. (Our Journey Together.)

  1. Congrats my dear! You were a beauty and your hubby a cutie! (Yes I meant to rhyme! Lol)) Just a lovely couple and all looked perfect for you commitment of not wanting to postpone the union. What’s most important is to keep Christ at the center of all you do and seek Godly counsel at the moment you notice any discord that can’t be resolved between you two. The rest should be smooth sailing! Very happy for you! Blessings always😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So, #naayFOREVER on this side. 🙂

      Thank you so much, Lai. You too, I know you’ll find the one for you in God’s time. You’re maybe going through something heavy right now, but always remember NEVER to go bitter. It’s not love that hurts, it’s what you go through to find it. Nevertheless, LOVE is worth the pain and risk. 🙂


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