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“Po” and “Opo” Greeting | Just Filipino 100

Here is my first entry for the new category: Just Filipino 101

‘Po at Opo’

One distinct Filipino way of showing respect is using ‘po’ and ‘opo’. When addressing someone older or of higher rank, we affix “po” to the end of phrase or sentence. The word “po” alone does not have a meaning. But when added to a phrase, it shows formality and used as a sign of respect.

  • For example, “salamat” is thank you in Filipino. So we say, “salamat po” to an elderly if we want to say thank you.

“Opo” on the other hand, is used to affirm to an elderly. It’s like saying saying ‘yes Sir/Maam’.

  • For example, an elder asks you if you’re okay. You say, ‘opo’, if you are!


“mano po”

The picture above is another gesture of showing respect to our elders. This is our form of greeting or accepting blessing from them. It is similar to hand kissing, we bow and bring our elder’s hand to our forehead and say “mano po” at the same time.  🙂


So, what do you say? Can you share to us how you show respect and greet your elders in your country?



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5 thoughts on ““Po” and “Opo” Greeting | Just Filipino 100

  1. Those of us here in the States who were brought up to respect their elders usually say “yes ma’am”, “no ma’am”, “yes sir”, “no sir”. Also – especially in the South – older men are addressed as Mr. (surname) and older women as Miss (first name). Regardless of how well you know them. There is an old woman who lives down the road from me. Everybody addresses her as Miss Lil (for Lilian).

    I believe it is a custom and form of respect we need to return to again. It would help our kids to learn respect for their elders. But young people often times resent our elders because they do not agree with their ideals and values that make them the kind people they are. No wonder so many kids are the way they are.

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