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A Weekend Dip. | Durano Eco Farm and Spring Resort

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. ~ John Muir


Last weekend, we planned to climb the highest mountain peak in the northern Cebu, but the weather got on our way. It would be very dangerous for us to climb because it was slippery and we’re afraid of landslides. As much as we want it, but we had to choice but to cancel our plan.

However, our feet really itched for an adventure. So, we decided to have a dip in a cold spring instead.

Situated in Barangay Corte, Carmen, Cebu is a place where one could take a dip in a cold spring in the middle of a rainforest. I’m talking about Durano Eco Farm Spring and Resort.


If you’re someone who is sick of chlorinated water and wants a natural one that flows from a cold spring, then this place is perfect for you. The water is flowing and not stagnant. After all, there is no refreshing feeling more than soaking your body in the cold, clean water. 🙂

The gang arrived!

How to get there:
Take a bus from Cebu North Bus Terminal, (all northbound buses will pass by the municipality of Carmen) so you can take any of them. Tell the driver’s assistant (konduktor) to drop you off at Carmen Public Market. The fare is 40pesos. When you get off, a swarm of motorcycle drivers will offer you a ride to your destination. Tell them to take you to Durano Eco Farm. The fare is 35pesos.


Once you get there, you have to pay an entrance fee of 60pesos for adults and 30pesos for kids. You can also book your preferred accommodation like cottages, tables or a tree house. Yes, you read it right. You can also stay in a tree house which is also available for overnight use.

One of the cottages and the kids’ pool. 

From the reception area, you have to descend towards the swimming area. You will hear the sound of the water flowing and feel the tranquility of life in the middle of the forest.

Kids’ pool.

Activities: The place is not only perfect for friends but also for family bondings as well. The resort has pools of various depths. Kids can have their own time at the two kiddie pools located on the upper part. From there, the water flows down to the adult’s pool, from 4ft to the 12ft.

Ace’s dive!

Team building can also be done in the farm. They have enough space to do team building activities. That is if you’re sick of doing it on the beach.


There is also an adjacent river which you can opt to trek. Just be cautioned that the rocks are slippery and the flow of the water is a bit rough. It’s also dangerous to trek it on a rainy weather because of the possibility of a flood.

Green, green, green.

Look at our faces. 😀

Abby, Louise and yours truly. 

Your eyes will be amazed at the wonderful rock formations along the way. And you would surely be more in love with nature and swear to yourself to come back.


Here’s a photo of me not getting enough of all the wonders.

Me trying to take in all the positive ions. 😀 

If the plan does not work, change the plan but never the goal. 

Things don’t always go our way, but if we learn to look at them from another perspective, they will surely lead us to something better. 🙂 Our climb to Mt Manghilao was maybe canceled  but it did lead us here.

Feeling relaxed. 

Thank you for reading ’til here. See yah on our next travel adventure. 😀

Keep safe!







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  1. Such a beautiful place! Looks like you all had fun. Even though I live in the big city, not all that far from Chicago are many awesome natural State Parks to visit that display God’s glory in rock and water formations. My Dad always tells me stories of when he lived in the Philippines and all the places he would see. One of these days I may see you country!


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