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Villa Adela | Home Away From Home

Last Thursday, our supposed to be Negros Island getaway was cancelled because of hubby’s grandfather’s death. He passed away last September 11, so we decided to cancel our trip and be at the wake instead.

Knowing that we had to stay in Balamban, I was worried about where to stay. I didn’t want to bother his relatives in accomodating us. So we agreed to stay in the nearest hotel or pension house. I surfed the web the day before and I found out about Villa Adela. It is situated near the town proper — a walking distance to the market, church, Baywalk plaza, V-hire and bus terminal, and Gaisano Mall.


When we arrived, the outside of the pension house already captured my heart. I just knew that I would feel at home.



dsc_0962 Here’s Ace at the reception area, checking in. 

We were welcomed by the receptionist smile as she asked for our booking information. After that, she gave our key to the room . We stayed in a deluxe room good for two. It’s fully air-conditioned with hot and cold shower.

For there room rates, kindly visit their website by clicking here.


During our stay, we enjoyed their free bread and coffee every the morning. They have a dining area where guests can enjoy their morning coffee. In fact, during our first morning we met an Australian author who also stayed the place. We had a nice talk as he shared to us his books available in Amazon.


While we were at the reception area, these 3D paintings caught my attention. They are really amazing that I was in awe even until we checked out.




Aren’t they wonderful? I’m pretty sure the owners have this explicit love of art very much.


Alright, let’s go upstairs because we stayed on the second floor.


Look at this beautiful view of Paris. So, why should I spend thousands to go to France when I can enjoy this scene only in Balamban. LOL.

Take me to Paris!

Actually, this ‘Paris view’ is also a 3D painting. Look!


Here’s the hallway to the family rooms.


I was not able to take a photo of our room, it slipped out of my mind.

Anyway, our stay at Villa Adela was great. It was quiet and vey homey. It felt like a home away from home. Despite our cancelled trip, our Balamban visit was still worth it. 🙂

’till next time! Keep safe!




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