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Pointing With Our Lips | Just Filipino 99

Hello, everyone! This post is my second entry to Just Filipino category on my blog. For more information about the qualities of a Filipino, you can click on the category located on the right side of my blog or you can also make use of the search area. 🙂


Pointing with our lips is another distinct quality of us Filipinos. Don’t misinterpret a man or a woman puckering his or her lips to be asking for a kiss. Or else you’ll be in trouble.

We usually point with our lips when giving quick directions. When someone asks for a certain place, we just pucker our lips towards the direction and say “Over there, the next corner.” And please be warned: it means what you’re looking for is quite far from where you are. 😀

Sometimes, when we want to say that something but we are embarrassed to say it aloud, (say something is on your head or shoulder, or your fly is open) we just point with our lips with our eyebrows raised to make you aware of it.

Knowing some of these gestures doesn’t hurt. It’s better to be aware of these to keep yourself from trouble. 🙂

Anyway, ’til next time. Stay in touch to know more qualities of a Filipino. Keep safe!




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