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Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant | A Beach in The Heart of The City.

Yesterday, we celebrated our fourth month of being married. As much as others disliked it but hubby and I wanted to celebrate every month we surpass together. Because our schedules don’t meet so we could have an out-of-town trip, we agreed to arrange a dinner date in a seafood restaurant instead.


Last Friday, I came across Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant on the internet and saw the good reviews. It is a perfect place for our date because it’s located near our apartment. I didn’t have a problem with making hubby agree, too.

The entrance.

We went there after going to church. It was still daylight when we arrived and there were not many customers yet. We got to chance to take photos without photobombers. 😀

The lagoon.

The entrance is a bridge crossing a small a lagoon. It’s a saltwater lagoon with small fishes in it, not to mention the live corals. The ambiance will take you to the beach because of the coconut trees plus the white sand. It’s cozy and refreshing.

Al fresco.

When we came inside, friendly staffs greeted us and led us to our desired area. They have airconditioned room but we chose to dine al fresco. The place has this intimate ambiance especially when evening comes because of the sweet lighting.

Airconditioned room.

The restaurant has a wide array of fresh seafood in aquariums. They have lobsters, king crab, sea mantis, etc.


As much as we wanted to try everything on their menu but we don’t have enough room in our tummies. We did not order a lot because we worried we would not be able to eat all.

Table is ready!

Their menu is very straightforward not letting our appetite suffer. We ordered Baked Oysters with Lemon Butter Sauce and Baked Scallops with Cheese and Garlic for the appetizer. We tried their Mixed Seafood Chowder and hubby instantly feel in love with it. We also had Shrimp with Taba ng Talangka Gravy. Hubby, by the way, ordered an unlimited plain rice. Now that’s an appetite he had there.

And I devoured all the shrimps. 😛

Our dining experience was indeed a delightful one. Truly, the restaurant offers great food, great place, and great service. It feels like a beach in the heart of a city.

My Verdict:
Food: 8/10
Place: 10/10
Service: 9/10

Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant is located in Bridges Town Square, Plaridel St. Alang-Alang, Mandaue City. With Telephone Numbers:  Tel #.  (032) 344-7038 and Fax #. (032) 328-4246 You can also visit their website by clicking the highlighted name below.

Thank you Oyster Bay for making our dinner date wonderful. ‘Til next time! 





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12 thoughts on “Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant | A Beach in The Heart of The City.

  1. You guys are truly sweet, time flies so fast and it’s been four months already? At least you’ve found ways to hold a quality time together. I as well love when I eat in a restaurant and I’m greeted with a smile of the staff, it’s feels like very welcoming. I’ll certainly visit this beanery when I get the chance cause I’m a big fan of seafood.

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    1. Thank you, Padz.

      Seafood is something most Filipinos can’t say ‘no’. Although seafood restaurants are rampant in our city, it’s still very hard to find a place that is a total package — from their food to their staffs. I was glad to try Oyster Bay. 🙂


  2. Oh, that looks soooo yummy! The last time I had seafood I thought I was going to grow scales and fins because I ate — and enjoyed — so much food! It is hard to find good seafood in Chicago. We are more focused on comfort foods from a variety of nationalities.

    Liked by 1 person

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