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Just Filipino 98 | Pasko sa Pinas (Christmas in the Philippines).

I don’t know in your country, but in the Philippines, Christmas has been on the air since last month. Christmas lights are everywhere. We hear Christmas songs played on the radio. Big department stores already have their annual holiday sale.

Most Filipinos are Christians with about three-fourth of the population being Catholics. This is the reason why Christmas is a very important holiday in our country.

In the Philippines, we observe Christmas between the months of September and February. Now, that’s a long celebration, don’t you think? We start our preparation for the Yuletide season on the first week of September. We start counting down the days ’til December 25.

At home, during the first week, my mom would retrieve the Christmas tree that we’ve been using for four years. She would then assemble it in the living room and decorate it with an old Christmas light which some bulbs are already not working. She does not want to replace it with a new one because according to her, it’s not necessary. She used to tell us that Christmas is not all about the ornaments but our family to celebrate it together. Because of this, I always make sure to come home every Christmas eve. 

Here are some Christmastide traditions we have in the Philippines that every Filipinos always come home to:
— Christmas caroling (singing Christmas carols in your neighbors’ front door and receive some treats)
— Misa de Gallo – a novena of dawn Masses from December 16 to 24 (Christmas Eve)
— Noche Buena (when the family gathers together to eat and share some food)
— Christmas parties and exchanging gifts
— parol (lanterns made from bamboos, woods or recycled materials)


How about you? How do you celebrate the Yuletide season in your place?



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2 thoughts on “Just Filipino 98 | Pasko sa Pinas (Christmas in the Philippines).

  1. Awesome! I love Christmas. But I do not enjoy what it has turned into here in the States. It is so secular. But enough of that.

    We have awesome celebrations at our church starting Thanksgiving weekend as we enter Advent. The weeks leading to Christ’s birth is a time of great reflection and joyous expectation. We start with what is called Lessons & Carols explaining this time of Advent. The following weeks we light the Advent Candle at the start of each service as we learn more about the time leading to Jesus’ birth. Mid December brings our CarolFest. A time to get together as a church family to enjoy a lovely rendition by our choir, orchestra, and cantors of Handel’s Messiah. We also have our Spirit Village in our Fellowship Halls. A pre-Christmas gathering lasting most of a Saturday where we can purchase charitable gifts to support many missions around the world. Then it all culminates with our Christmas Eve services. The midnight service being my favorite as it is a candle light service.

    On Christmas Eve Danny and I love to give our cookies and breads to neighbors and friends. Then we top it off by enjoying the quiet of the night driving around looking at decorations and listening to Christmas music.

    Of course many holiday events take place in all the towns around here. The snow makes it so much more lovely and really gets one into the spirt of the Season. The lights and decorations are really pretty. And to see the wonder in the children’s eyes is so precious.

    But the best part is — it is ALL ABOUT JESUS!!!

    Merry Christmas two months early from Chicago, my friend.

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