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Furry Babies at The Dog’s Cafe.

Because of our never ending love of coffee and frappes… introducing a new cafe in town… the Lovey Doggy Dog Cafe. This is the first dog cafe in Cebu which opened some time last month.


This coffee shop is another Korean and Japanese inspired cafe. But it’s not your regular coffee shop, there you’ll get to bond and play with cute furry babies. By furry babies, I mean dogs. It’s a perfect place for dog lovers to chill and play. And hubby just loved it there.


Here is their menu. You can choose from coffees, frappes, smoothies and even pastries. Their price ranges from Php125-175. Beverages comes in two sizes — puppy and doggy size.


If you’re into sweets…


Ordering is self-service. They’ll give you this pager to let you know when your order is ready.


Hubby and I just had our dinner and dropped by the cafe. We did not bother to order pastries because we’re still full. I had cafe mocha and he had chocolate frappe.


If you want to interact with the different breeds of dogs inside the playpen, you have to buy a ticket for Php100. However, a minimum purchaseof Php100 on their pastries or drinks is required so you can buy the ticket.

I’m surrounded with these cute beings. 

Hubby was having a lot of fun. He loves dog very much, and with him being surrounded with different breeds of it…he felt like heaven. LOL

His favorite. 

If you don’t want to play or get close with the dogs, they have a lounge on the second floor. It’s spacious and cozy.

Meet Wolverine the Pomeranian.

And I’m leaving you with this sleepy head – Simba.


Visit their place and have fun with these furry toes. 🙂

Lovey Doggy is situated in GQS Plaza, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City (across Gaisano Country Mall).




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