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Furry Babies at The Dog’s Cafe.

Because of our never ending love of coffee and frappes… introducing a new cafe in town… the Lovey Doggy Dog Cafe. This is the first dog cafe in Cebu which opened some time last month.


This coffee shop is another Korean and Japanese inspired cafe. But it’s not your regular coffee shop, there you’ll get to bond and play with cute furry babies. By furry babies, I mean dogs. It’s a perfect place for dog lovers to chill and play. And hubby just loved it there.


Here is their menu. You can choose from coffees, frappes, smoothies and even pastries. Their price ranges from Php125-175. Beverages comes in two sizes — puppy and doggy size.


If you’re into sweets…


Ordering is self-service. They’ll give you this pager to let you know when your order is ready.


Hubby and I just had our dinner and dropped by the cafe. We did not bother to order pastries because we’re still full. I had cafe mocha and he had chocolate frappe.


If you want to interact with the different breeds of dogs inside the playpen, you have to buy a ticket for Php100. However, a minimum purchaseof Php100 on their pastries or drinks is required so you can buy the ticket.

I’m surrounded with these cute beings. 

Hubby was having a lot of fun. He loves dog very much, and with him being surrounded with different breeds of it…he felt like heaven. LOL

His favorite. 

If you don’t want to play or get close with the dogs, they have a lounge on the second floor. It’s spacious and cozy.

Meet Wolverine the Pomeranian.

And I’m leaving you with this sleepy head – Simba.


Visit their place and have fun with these furry toes. 🙂

Lovey Doggy is situated in GQS Plaza, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City (across Gaisano Country Mall).


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Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant | A Beach in The Heart of The City.

Yesterday, we celebrated our fourth month of being married. As much as others disliked it but hubby and I wanted to celebrate every month we surpass together. Because our schedules don’t meet so we could have an out-of-town trip, we agreed to arrange a dinner date in a seafood restaurant instead.


Last Friday, I came across Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant on the internet and saw the good reviews. It is a perfect place for our date because it’s located near our apartment. I didn’t have a problem with making hubby agree, too.

The entrance.

We went there after going to church. It was still daylight when we arrived and there were not many customers yet. We got to chance to take photos without photobombers. 😀

The lagoon.

The entrance is a bridge crossing a small a lagoon. It’s a saltwater lagoon with small fishes in it, not to mention the live corals. The ambiance will take you to the beach because of the coconut trees plus the white sand. It’s cozy and refreshing.

Al fresco.

When we came inside, friendly staffs greeted us and led us to our desired area. They have airconditioned room but we chose to dine al fresco. The place has this intimate ambiance especially when evening comes because of the sweet lighting.

Airconditioned room.

The restaurant has a wide array of fresh seafood in aquariums. They have lobsters, king crab, sea mantis, etc.


As much as we wanted to try everything on their menu but we don’t have enough room in our tummies. We did not order a lot because we worried we would not be able to eat all.

Table is ready!

Their menu is very straightforward not letting our appetite suffer. We ordered Baked Oysters with Lemon Butter Sauce and Baked Scallops with Cheese and Garlic for the appetizer. We tried their Mixed Seafood Chowder and hubby instantly feel in love with it. We also had Shrimp with Taba ng Talangka Gravy. Hubby, by the way, ordered an unlimited plain rice. Now that’s an appetite he had there.

And I devoured all the shrimps. 😛

Our dining experience was indeed a delightful one. Truly, the restaurant offers great food, great place, and great service. It feels like a beach in the heart of a city.

My Verdict:
Food: 8/10
Place: 10/10
Service: 9/10

Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant is located in Bridges Town Square, Plaridel St. Alang-Alang, Mandaue City. With Telephone Numbers:  Tel #.  (032) 344-7038 and Fax #. (032) 328-4246 You can also visit their website by clicking the highlighted name below.

Thank you Oyster Bay for making our dinner date wonderful. ‘Til next time! 



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On Loving and Eating — Manggahan Bar and Grill

Nothing — not a conversation, not a hug or even a kiss– establishes relationship so forcefully as eating together. 🙂 

Time flies so fast. As cliche as it sound, but that’s definitely a fact.

Last Saturday, we celebrated our first month of being happily married. Which we are very grateful and we thought it caused a celebration. 🙂


We went to my hometown where my grandfather cooked saba or cardava banana dipped in spicy fish sauce with calamansi, and fresh buko (coconut). We arrived home late so we didn’t have time to go on a private dinner. (Anyway, I think visiting my hometown was already a celebration.)

So, we decided to do have a post celebration yesterday. Ace went to work, so we agreed to meet at his office around 5:00pm. As usual, I was 10 minutes late. (LOL, sorry.) Our plan was to go to DuzzGrill  where we had our first date. However, they don’t open on weekends. But no worry tummy, my good husband has a backup plan.

Manggahan Bar and Grill

Manggahan, in Filipino means Mango Farm. 🙂 So you know the first thing I looked for was the mango trees, where are they? But no, I didn’t find one (just yet). When we went inside, we were greeted by their friendly crew with that smile glued on their faces. I was well, a little bit impressed when Ace opened the back door showing me the big mango tree I was looking for. (Hahah) It’s big, but only one, lol. Anyway, they have dining tables inside and outside if you want al fresco dining. We chose to sit outside which is more private.


They gave us the menu which was in Visayan (our region’s vernacular). The price are very reasonable. They offer exotic dishes like crocodile sisig, fried frog, fried mud fish and many more. But no we did not order those.

Here’s our order.

Kinamot nga Pasayan, Spicy Sizzling Squid and Pochero Soup.

Kinamot nga Pasayan (Fingered Shrimp) is fried shrimp simmered in a special sauce with plenty of chili. Sizzling Spicy Squid is  flour-coated squid, fried with spices. And of course, Pochero soup is a bone-marrow soup with beef. 🙂

Burp, burp, burp!!! Tummies were full. ❤

Verdict: Their food is sooo yummy that until now my mouth is still watering. Prices are very reasonable to their serving. Place is very cozy and perfect for a date or family dining, too. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be my only visit. 🙂 5 stars, yey!!!

Address30 Wilson St., Apas, Lahug, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

Facebook page:


‘Til our next food trip, see yah! 🙂

P.S   The quote above is derived from Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Nothing — not a conversation, not a handshake or even a hug – establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together”.

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That Coffee Prince with Love! (Coffee Prince)

My coffee addiction has no treatment. 🙂 I don’t want it to be treated, anyway. Hahah. And for that…this award is mine. 

Coffee Lover
Certified coffee lover.

Korean cafes are indeed all around the city. They’re a big hit because of their unique interior design concept and great ambiance not mentioning their coffeelicious menu.

Strolled around Mandaue City last Saturday night, and we came across this newly opened cafe — another Korean cafe. It’s Coffee Prince.


I’ve heard about the other branch in Osmena Blvd, but I didn’t get the chance to visit there. And whoah… they opened this new branch just last December 12. It’s located in AS Fortuna St, Banilad, Mandaue City — beside Chosun Galbi and across the Pink Sister’s Adoration Chapel.

Coffee Prince is inspired by a 2007 Korean drama “Coffee Prince” that was also dubbed in Filipino and was shown on Philippine TV.

How it looks outside.

They have this wonderful view outside that is very inviting.

This is how it looks inside.


Oh, those beautiful bead-curtains. Their staffs are very friendly and they are dressed like the ones in the drama. Just like any other Korean-inspired cafes, they have cubicles full of cute stuff toys and character pillows. Look who we met. It’s Pica-chu from Pokemon and Chopper from One Piece.


The best seller is their Java Chip Frap- that’s what he ordered. I ordered my loved Mocha — this time it’s Mocha Blanco Frap on their menu. We also ordered Bulgogi Nachos, a fusion of Korean and Mexican food.


They gave us this cute love lock that we hung on their “love corner” outside. We hope to still see it on our next visit. This is what we wrote.


Putot (me) and Daot (him) is our endearment. Putot means “petite” and Daot means “slim” in Visayan term.

The verdict: I want to bring Chopper home, please. Hahah. The cafe is definitely worth coming back for.

‘Til my next visit, Coffee Prince. 🙂


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His and My OOTDate. :)

It’s not only me… but he, too. 

I like playing with my clothes, and he is no different. 

Last Saturday, we went on a movie date. We dropped by a new coffee shop that is still Korean inspired. It’s the Gentlemen. If I am not mistaken, the shop’s name was from one of the famous Korean singer’s song — Psy. He’s the one behind Gangnam Dance. 

We ordered my favorite Mocha Frap and his Cookies and Cream Shake. We chose to take it out because we’ll bring it inside the movie house. 

While waiting for our order, I let him took my outfit shot and I asked him to pose for his. ahahah (He doesn’t know that I’ll be really posting it here.) 

Here it is…

I’m in love with belts. If you notice, it is always present.

Introducing… my OOTDate. Isn’t he cool. His fashion never fails. I forgot to tell you, that he looks very handsome when we first met. Today…you be the judge! 


 This is how the cafe looks… 

And this bear of my height…

And this wings. 🙂 This does not fit me. It’s certainly not for me..look, it’s on my ear-level. LOL


That’s it for now. ‘Til next post, thanks for dropping by.


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Cebu’s Best! Lechon Coming Up!

With just 20 days before Christmas, our calendar must be quite full already. Mine, is! 

Been very busy scheduling parties and looking for Christmas presents for the chikitings at home. I’m getting really excited. 🙂 

Today, I want to share to you a common food that you’ll possibly see on the table on Christmas day. (We also have this during birthdays and other special occasion.)

It’s Inasal baboy or Lechon (Roasted Pig).


Oh, poor pig. Unaware of his fate, after being fattened he will end up like this…

the pig uncooked yet

December 25th is also my mom’s younger brother’s birthday. We grew up together so every year, I saw how my grandparents always made sure to have this Lechon on the table during his birthday. My late grandmother said he get’s sick (literally) if there is none. (Duhh!!!) (He’s such a lucky brat!)

almost done

There you go, it’s almost done. Meanwhile, let’s see if the hanging rice is also done.

Hanging Rice

Oh my! It’s not cooked yet. 😥 I’m hungry. The Lechon is already on the table and I’m trying to resist tasting it.

But..but..but…ooppzzz. Sorry! 

Forgive me.

Finally…devouring time! Help yourselves, people. 


There you go! Everybody…big burp!!!! 🙂 

Lechon is one of the must-try food when you visit Cebu. There are many famous lechon stores around the city. But my family prefer to cook our own whenever we have one. 

P.S  This one was during my birthday last June. I posted this because I am expecting this scene these coming days… 🙂

Dec. 18 — younger brother’s 13th b-day

Dec. 25 — Ace’s 29th and Christian’s 23rd (mom’s younger brother) b-day

Dec. 26 — Althea’s 2nd birthday (my cousin)

Dec. 27 — Ahkirah’s 1st birthday

Dec. 29  — Lougee’s 1st birthday

January 01 — NEW YEAR!

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This Kind of Cafe. (Cafe Namoo)

As promised… a post about Cafe Namoo.


Cafe Namoo is a Korean-inspired cafe. “Namoo” means “wood or tree” in Korea, but in our own dialect it means “ours“. (So it’s “Our Cafe” lol.)

Anyway, they already have more than two branches in Cebu. I had been to their City Times Square branch and the one near Ayala Mall (which I think, the Cafe Noriter before). They also have another branch in Banilad across Gaisano Country Mall but I haven’t been there. 


The cafe has been one of the fave lounging place mostly for young people. The place is very cute and well, post-its everywhere — from the floor to the ceiling. I even noticed, some go there to take “selfies” than just having coffee. (Don’t get me wrong, their menu’s superb!) Well, the place is “selfie-worthy” though. 

It’s also a good place to bond with the family, or just spend some ‘me-time’. It’s not the usual cafe where you sit on the chair while enjoying your coffee. You will have your own chamber with a small table at the center. You can enjoy your sip while sitting and hugging the throw pillows.


Ace and I with our couple shirt.

We ordered our favorite Mocha Frap and clubhouse sandwich. They have smoothies available, too just in case you’re really not into coffee. I suggest you should try their best-seller Honey-bread. We had tried that in their other branch. 


That’s me, trying to look cute while eating. Hahah!


And that’s him trying to look cool. (Peace, my King.)

One more thing, don’t leave the cafe without posting something. 🙂 

Can you guess what I wrote?

That’s all for now! 

Cheers to all coffee lovers out there!!!!