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You’re Gone. (Poetry)

To Lolo Tony, whom I’ve never had a chance to meet: Thank you, for being my hubby’s lolo. I wish I met you before you were gone. Rest in peace! 


You’re gone.

You even haven’t seen me in a glance.

You’re gone.

Seeing you, I never have the chance.

Since he told me about you,

Meeting you, was what I’ve been wanting to.

Since he told me about you,

I saw how proud he is that you are his ‘Lolo’.

Your life, I’ve heard so much tales,

My husband, he has so many stories to tell.

Your amazing tricks,

not to mention your generous treats.

I wish I saw you before you were gone,

but the MAN above has HIS own plan.

As much as we want,

Your death cannot be undone.

I may have not seen you,

I hope you hear my “THANK YOU”.

Thanks for being my husband’s Lolo.

And our prayers are for you.

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Throwback Thursday |Brotha.

Happy throwback Thursday, everyone!

I haven’t been home for almost three weeks. I miss my brother very much. So today, I decided to have a throwback post with him.


Do we have something in common?

Did I forget to tell you here that he is a great dancer? Well, he is! I’m the only one in the family who can’t dance. I wasn’t blessed with such talent. LOL. But I’m good!

So this photo was during one of his dancing performance last year.

He really asked me to come. Because I love him very much, I watched his performance even though I was three hours late for work.

meet my momma.. 🙂 IKR, she’s sexier than me. 😥

That’s our mom.. 🙂 I say, his stage mom…LOL

Ohh, I miss them both. 😥

I’m going home this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited. 🙂 Here’s a jump shot to close this post.

Mom, you need practice!

Goodnight, good people!

Hooray for today!!! See yah on my next post. 🙂 Keep safe.






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Losing Direk Wenn Deramas | R.I.P

It’s a sad leap year… 😦

I am very saddened by the sudden death of my favorite Filipino film and television director Wenn Deramas earlier today. 😥 He will be forever remembered by everybody.

Direk Wenn Deramas

I was watching a movie directed by him around 11:00am today. Ace and I were talking about how great and brilliant he is. He never failed to make people laugh with all his film. Only him can make me watch the same movie for 10 times and will still make me laugh.

After watching the movie, I switched the television to the local noontime show, and I found out that he just passed away.:'(

Oh, how unpredictable life is. But that’s how it is.

My condolences to his family….

The next Film Festival would never be the same without you, Direk Wenn. I will miss you and thank you for the laughter.

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She Was Mine Until They Took Her Away.

As promised…a post about her. 🙂

Everyone, meet Bon-Bon.

Bon-Bon during Sinulog 2015

Born Devonne Jane, but I fondly call her Bon-Bon. She was my daughter. How that it happen? Why “was”?

I was 19-year old when I had her. Just landed a job in BPO industry, and she came into my life. Having her at an early age was never easy.

But she is a blessing, a wonderful blessing to me. She made my days shine, she took away my stress after work. She was the reason why I stayed in the industry for two years. I was very happy. I didn’t have regrets. I worked hard to give her a good life, for her future.

My family was fond of her. They love her. They accepted her. My mom helped me take care of her. I saw her first step, heard her first word…she was my everything.

She grows a sweet, smart girl. She is curious, she asks a lot to the point that would annoy you. She will say what she wants to say because I taught her to.

She can be naughty at times, but she listens when you tell her what’s good or bad. I know her well. I know that she likes fish and she likes the color yellow. She was mine, she grew up with me.

Having her taken away from me was heartbreaking. I didn’t want to let her go, but it’s for her own good. I cried so many nights. But there was nothing I could do.

My cousin got pregnant when she was 18. She did not have a job, her boyfriend neither. She needed help. I had my job. I wasn’t the breadwinner because dad worked overseas that time. I had money and can support a child. I agreed to support the baby’s milk and other necessities. But my cousin got sick. Afraid that the baby would be infected, she had no choice but to give me the baby. 

Bon-Bon at 2

Bon-bon was 7-month old when she was given to me. I knew my cousin will have no choice if I wanted to legally adopt her, but I didn’t want to do that. After all, she is my cousin and needed help. I didn’t want to take advantage of their situation and be selfish. So Bon-Bon stayed with me. Mom took care of her when I was at work. I was very inspired to go to work and always excited to return home. I gave her everything. My world revolved around her. I became a mom, must had been a wonderful mom to her, so I thought. 

She turned two when my cousin decided to take her back. She already found a job.

This was the time when I felt regret. Regret that I did not took advantage her situation before. Regret that I did not do the adoption legally. Regret that I was too careless and did not see it coming. Regret that I loved Bon-Bon deeply when I knew this time will come. 😥

It took me a while when I finally let her go. I made sure she will be taken care of and be given the same love I gave or more. It was hard! Really hard! But I didn’t have a choice. She was not mine, not even from the start. 

Bon-Bon is three now. I couldn’t believe it’s been a year since she was back to her biological family. I still get to see her every time I go to my hometown. It’s also good to know that she always looks for me until now. Her mom sometimes call me because Bon-Bon will not sleep and wants to talk to me.

I’m happy to see her growing up. She will be going to school this June. I’m very excited. She is smart. I believe, good future awaits her.

She may be not with me anymore, but she will always be my baby. 🙂

Bon-Bon at 8 months

P.S I noticed, Bon-Bon’s wearing the same skirt this year’s Sinulog and last 2014’s. 😀 Here’s 2014’s Sinulog Festival with her.

Sinulog 2014


’til next post. 🙂 Keep safe, everyone!


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Cebu’s Best! Lechon Coming Up!

With just 20 days before Christmas, our calendar must be quite full already. Mine, is! 

Been very busy scheduling parties and looking for Christmas presents for the chikitings at home. I’m getting really excited. 🙂 

Today, I want to share to you a common food that you’ll possibly see on the table on Christmas day. (We also have this during birthdays and other special occasion.)

It’s Inasal baboy or Lechon (Roasted Pig).


Oh, poor pig. Unaware of his fate, after being fattened he will end up like this…

the pig uncooked yet

December 25th is also my mom’s younger brother’s birthday. We grew up together so every year, I saw how my grandparents always made sure to have this Lechon on the table during his birthday. My late grandmother said he get’s sick (literally) if there is none. (Duhh!!!) (He’s such a lucky brat!)

almost done

There you go, it’s almost done. Meanwhile, let’s see if the hanging rice is also done.

Hanging Rice

Oh my! It’s not cooked yet. 😥 I’m hungry. The Lechon is already on the table and I’m trying to resist tasting it.

But..but..but…ooppzzz. Sorry! 

Forgive me.

Finally…devouring time! Help yourselves, people. 


There you go! Everybody…big burp!!!! 🙂 

Lechon is one of the must-try food when you visit Cebu. There are many famous lechon stores around the city. But my family prefer to cook our own whenever we have one. 

P.S  This one was during my birthday last June. I posted this because I am expecting this scene these coming days… 🙂

Dec. 18 — younger brother’s 13th b-day

Dec. 25 — Ace’s 29th and Christian’s 23rd (mom’s younger brother) b-day

Dec. 26 — Althea’s 2nd birthday (my cousin)

Dec. 27 — Ahkirah’s 1st birthday

Dec. 29  — Lougee’s 1st birthday

January 01 — NEW YEAR!

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Those Little Toes


Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little itty bitty clothes. 🙂

I would like to dedicate this post to my two younger sisters who are very blessed to have this cute little angels. I knew you were both young to become mothers, but I believe you would become a good one. You may had disappointed me but trust that I will always be your Ate. I will always be here to support you (just please don’t ask money for milk and diapers 😀 ) hahahah! I love you. ❤


Let me start posting with some good vibes. First, by letting you meet these little angels added to our family. Meet Ahkirah Faye and Lougee Nicollo. 🙂 They are my younger sisters babies. Ahkira or Kira is Yame’s daughter, she was born on December 27, 2014. Lougee or Nico is Baam’s son, he was born on December 29,2014. And, yep! You read it right. They were just one-day apart. And yep! You read it right again. Yame and Baam were my younger sisters. And yep! I don’t have a child yet! 😀 hahaha

When I learned about their pregnancy, I was startled. I cried for many nights without them knowing. I was very disappointed and I kept asking myself where I’ve gone wrong, what I’ve done wrong, what I failed to do, what I failed to remind them. I questioned myself if I had been a good sister to them and for what godforsaken reason this happened. After all, I found myself responsible for them because I am the eldest and I am supposed to look after them because my parents were not together anymore. But I failed! 😦

I kept that feeling of disappointment deep within, but they never heard anything from me, not even a single word of hatred. I never questioned their actions. I never blamed them for being pregnant at an early age. I never scolded them. After all, they’re just people and they’re my sisters.

My dad was still working abroad that time, and telling him about it was very crucial. I didn’t want him to worry about us back here in Philippines. It took me a month before I decided to really tell him the truth. I was hurt, seeing my dad cried over Skype. I knew he felt the same way. I knew he was worried. But he never said anything painful to me, to us. He simply said that we should accept it because it already happened.

So we did! I am happy for my sisters. They are blessed with these little toes. Who wouldn’t be thankful if you have a niece and a nephew as wonderful as them? 20150325_120242 20150325_120431

Look at them, they’ve grown up fast and BIG!!! ahahaha


And here’s a happy far-far. A happy grandpa….

       A happy Papa-Lolo 🙂

Aren’t they lovely?

             Lougee Nicollo
               Ahkira Faye