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Side by Side 2016 Chronology In a Poem

Side by Side 2016

As the year unfolds,

I reviewed the stories I told.

I realized, 2016 had been a wonderful year,

full of wonderful blessings and laughter.


First is the engagement,

we asked the blessing from our parents.

Our heart was filled with happiness,

in our life there is no more emptiness.

Canyoneering (6)

Our journey to the big day started,

but the adventure together never ended.

We chased canyons and jumped waterfalls,

inside us, we were also slowly breaking the walls.

Camotes Island

Off to another island we go,

the thing we’ve always want to do.

Witnessed the beautiful sunset,

 as our heart synchronize in beat.

Osmena Peak

Together we climbed the highest peak,

Reaching the summit was a fulfillment to seek.

Though the mountain was very high,

we hold hands as we try to reach the sky.

Happy Birthday, Side by Side!

Until Side by Side celebrated its anniversary,

Finally reached its first birthday.

With this, I felt very successful.

This milestone is just so wonderful.

Our Wedding Day

And the day we’ve been waiting for came,

I succeeded stealing his last name.

Oh, you know how my heart was filled with glee,

Marrying my bestfriend was the best thing that had happened to me.

Durano Eco Farm

Our journey didn’t stop there,

we still have a lot of adventures to share.

We have springs to visit,

and many mountains to reach.

Mt. Naupa, Naga

2016 has been a great year,

2017 what has in store for us, I wonder.

More adventures and love,

That’s what I pray from the BIG MAN above.

PS. Thank you for your never ending clicks and comments, our dear friends. I hope to still see you this year! Happy New Year!!! 

Love, Ace and Demi.

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You’re Gone. (Poetry)

To Lolo Tony, whom I’ve never had a chance to meet: Thank you, for being my hubby’s lolo. I wish I met you before you were gone. Rest in peace! 


You’re gone.

You even haven’t seen me in a glance.

You’re gone.

Seeing you, I never have the chance.

Since he told me about you,

Meeting you, was what I’ve been wanting to.

Since he told me about you,

I saw how proud he is that you are his ‘Lolo’.

Your life, I’ve heard so much tales,

My husband, he has so many stories to tell.

Your amazing tricks,

not to mention your generous treats.

I wish I saw you before you were gone,

but the MAN above has HIS own plan.

As much as we want,

Your death cannot be undone.

I may have not seen you,

I hope you hear my “THANK YOU”.

Thanks for being my husband’s Lolo.

And our prayers are for you.

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Of Prayer and Trust. (Poetry)

When in doubt don’t just pout.

When the world around seems so gray,

 don’t forget to pause and pray.

Rest assured you won’t go astray.

Life is not full of rainbow,

nor you are equipped with bow and arrow.

Everyone has different battle,

but trust HIM, and never rattle.

Happy Monday, everyone. 🙂 What do you think of this second poem attempt of mine? I honestly find it easier to express my thought through this. No wonder why there are so many beautiful poets out there.

Anyway, this is my 2nd attempt. So I’m still open to suggestions and advice. 🙂

Have a great day!

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When You Don’t Feel Like Writing, but The Words Keep Flowing. ( A Writer’s Quandary)

Been staring on this blank page for a while now.

Written one word, two words… oh, to express I don’t know how.

I have something in mind I wanted to share,

I just can’t find the exact words to start the tale.

My imaginary friends are not visiting me.

I don’t know why, could it be because they are busy?

Oh, I think I understand,

not everytime we have the upper hand.

These words keep flowing,

I don’t really know where they’re coming.

My imaginary friends, they’re what I have waited,

but right now I think, my time isn’t wasted.

A friend once told me,

“the world may fall apart, but you will write anyway”

Because I’m a writer,

and this is my quandary.

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P.S   Hello, there! This is my first attempt into poetry. I’m not sure if I hit the right rules. If you have any suggestions, I’m very open to it. What do you think?