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The Vast Beauty of Mulao River

The river once told me: There is no hurry. We shall get there someday.  Slithering through the valleys of Liloan and Compostela is this splendid river that serves as the boundary of the two adjacen…

Source: The Vast Beauty of Mulao River

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Side by Side 2016 Chronology In a Poem

Side by Side 2016

As the year unfolds,

I reviewed the stories I told.

I realized, 2016 had been a wonderful year,

full of wonderful blessings and laughter.


First is the engagement,

we asked the blessing from our parents.

Our heart was filled with happiness,

in our life there is no more emptiness.

Canyoneering (6)

Our journey to the big day started,

but the adventure together never ended.

We chased canyons and jumped waterfalls,

inside us, we were also slowly breaking the walls.

Camotes Island

Off to another island we go,

the thing we’ve always want to do.

Witnessed the beautiful sunset,

 as our heart synchronize in beat.

Osmena Peak

Together we climbed the highest peak,

Reaching the summit was a fulfillment to seek.

Though the mountain was very high,

we hold hands as we try to reach the sky.

Happy Birthday, Side by Side!

Until Side by Side celebrated its anniversary,

Finally reached its first birthday.

With this, I felt very successful.

This milestone is just so wonderful.

Our Wedding Day

And the day we’ve been waiting for came,

I succeeded stealing his last name.

Oh, you know how my heart was filled with glee,

Marrying my bestfriend was the best thing that had happened to me.

Durano Eco Farm

Our journey didn’t stop there,

we still have a lot of adventures to share.

We have springs to visit,

and many mountains to reach.

Mt. Naupa, Naga

2016 has been a great year,

2017 what has in store for us, I wonder.

More adventures and love,

That’s what I pray from the BIG MAN above.

PS. Thank you for your never ending clicks and comments, our dear friends. I hope to still see you this year! Happy New Year!!! 

Love, Ace and Demi.

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#OOCD — Post-Christmas Post.

Okay, I understand that this is a day late but I hope my “Merry Christmas” greetings could still reach you. And if not, well there is “Happy New Year!” 😀

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since my last OOTD post here. I apologize for the long hiatus. Yey, I realized how hard it is to manage two blogs. (Sigh!)  And oh, I hope you had visited me on Travel With Ace and Demi, if not, please drop by some time by clicking here. (Click me!) And thank you for that! 🙂


Enough for the ramblings, let’s get back to what this post all about. You might be wondering what is this OOCD in the title means. Well, I just made it — Outfit On Christmas Day. (Told yah this is late.) 😀

If you remember, hubby’s birthday falls on Christmas Day.

Last Friday, we agreed to just have a simple celebration for his birthday yesterday — go to church, eat together. However, it was also my niece’s Christening so we decided to attend the ceremony, too.


If last year’s Christmas I wore red, this year, I chose to go blue. 😀 I got this dress from a Christmas sale of one local store in our place. It was a real bargain that I only paid $4 for it. It’s so comfortable and I love the denim color. The Sunnies sunglasses I was wearing was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. Oh, I feel so blessed.

Welcome to the Christian world, baby Beatrix! May you live a good Christian and do everything for God’s glory. 

Here’s a photo of my sister, mom’s friend, mom, and yours truly (L-R).

Over to you, what was your OOCD?

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You Are Human, Let Them Know That.

Sometimes good people make bad choices. But it doesn’t mean they’re bad. It simply means they’re human. 


Growing up surrounded by people who expected a lot from you was never easy. They had high hopes and they believed you will never fail them. But you, you were struggling. You were struggling inside. Yet you acted like you’re fine. You showed them you’re okay. Even in yourself you knew you’re dying.

Why? Because you love them. You love them so much that you didn’t want to disappoint them even if it meant torturing yourself. So you put aside your own happiness and pursued theirs. You tried so hard to make everything looked so perfect to see them happy and satisfied. You avoided screwing up because you knew they wouldn’t like that. You didn’t want to admit that you’re tired. You’re running for them. You walked when you can no longer run. You crawled when you can no longer walk… You did everything, everything for them.

Now, you are tired and weary. Yet, you’re still thinking about them. WAKE UP! Why don’t you look at yourself? Why don’t you love yourself this time? After all, you lived almost your whole life for them. That’s enough!!!

Tell them you are tired. Tell them you had enough. Tell them you want to love yourself this time.

Tell them you have the right to make mistakes and make bad decisions. Tell them you want to screw up some things. Tell them you want to fail sometimes.

Tell them you are HUMAN. You are human!

Stop pretending like you could still run when all you want is to walk and enjoy the journey. It’s okay. It’s okay to go slow, it’s fine to stop, feel the air and hear the birds.

Live your life slowly and freely. Make people happy but don’t make yourself unhappy. You have the wheel of your life.

Take it! Own it! Drive it!

At the end of the day, you’ll realize how it feels to be free. To be human. Because you are! And it’s time to let them know that.


Your friend, 

Emz 🙂 


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A New Site.

First of all, I would like to THANK everyone for the never ending support you gave to my blog. Thank you so much for the likes on my posts, and for your comments that I really enjoyed reading. Thank you for patiently waiting for my next entries every time I’m gone for a while. I REALLY appreciate it!!!

When I started Side by Side, I didn’t know it would come this far. But I’m grateful for it. And I’m looking forward to more years in the blogosphere.

As you see, Side by Side is everything — personal, inspiration, love story, poem, fashion, travel, and etc. But this blog is  actually the story of my life, our life. This is the product of my imagination, my will to write and share. This tells everyone how I grow and change in different aspects of my life. It tells about my journey, my love story.

This is my journey! But if you want to, you can walk with me. 

“It takes change to make change! “

With our rising passion in traveling, we decided to make a separate site for all our travel stories. We introduce to you, Ace and Demi Travel Stories. We realized that we’ve been to a lot of places and some of our followers like to read our posts about them. However, they find it hard to filter them because the entries are commingled. That’s how we came to the idea of separating the travel stories.

To my avid Side by Side followers, there is nothing to worry because I’m still running this blog. We’ve come this far, there is no way I’m giving up now. 😀

Anyway, if you would like to hear our travel stories, follow our adventures and misadventures by clicking here.

See you on the other side!!!! :* Blessings!



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Furry Babies at The Dog’s Cafe.

Because of our never ending love of coffee and frappes… introducing a new cafe in town… the Lovey Doggy Dog Cafe. This is the first dog cafe in Cebu which opened some time last month.


This coffee shop is another Korean and Japanese inspired cafe. But it’s not your regular coffee shop, there you’ll get to bond and play with cute furry babies. By furry babies, I mean dogs. It’s a perfect place for dog lovers to chill and play. And hubby just loved it there.


Here is their menu. You can choose from coffees, frappes, smoothies and even pastries. Their price ranges from Php125-175. Beverages comes in two sizes — puppy and doggy size.


If you’re into sweets…


Ordering is self-service. They’ll give you this pager to let you know when your order is ready.


Hubby and I just had our dinner and dropped by the cafe. We did not bother to order pastries because we’re still full. I had cafe mocha and he had chocolate frappe.


If you want to interact with the different breeds of dogs inside the playpen, you have to buy a ticket for Php100. However, a minimum purchaseof Php100 on their pastries or drinks is required so you can buy the ticket.

I’m surrounded with these cute beings. 

Hubby was having a lot of fun. He loves dog very much, and with him being surrounded with different breeds of it…he felt like heaven. LOL

His favorite. 

If you don’t want to play or get close with the dogs, they have a lounge on the second floor. It’s spacious and cozy.

Meet Wolverine the Pomeranian.

And I’m leaving you with this sleepy head – Simba.


Visit their place and have fun with these furry toes. 🙂

Lovey Doggy is situated in GQS Plaza, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City (across Gaisano Country Mall).