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This Is Me Missing My Bestfriend.

“If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.”

We used to say those promises.

You were my best friend. We used to be. I don’t know what happened but those days were gone. Suddenly gone. We were happy, but one day I woke up not hearing from you anymore. There were no goodbyes, there were no ados.


So, I’ve finally heard something from you. It’s been a while. Years, I guess. I’m so glad to see you again. The last time we met was not very fine, or so I thought.

How are you? How’s life?

Well, you look happy. I see you’ve got married and now have two kids. The second one looks very similar to you, he got your beautiful eyes. Look how time had gone so fast. I didn’t know you’re marrying the same girl you told me you were having problems with. But I’m happy. The last time you told me about your problem with her, I felt your pain but I saw love in your eyes. I knew you love her so much but you didn’t want to tell me.

I knew it from the start. But I waited for you to admit it. Until we parted ways.


Have you heard something about me, too? Do you occasionally check my facebook profile to see how I’ve been? Because I do and I won’t deny it.

You know what? I’m happily married now. No, it was not the same boy you I told you about. His name is Ace. I hope you could meet him someday. I’m pretty sure you’ll like him.

I can’t wait to talk to you again. I can’t wait to tell you how my life have been. I can’t wait to listen to your stories about your adorable kids. I want to know how happy you are with your wife. I’m excited to tell you how supportive and loving my husband is. I want to tell you that I was wrong when I told you I won’t love another man more than you. I want you to know that we were really meant to be just bestfriends because I love Ace more than I loved you.

There are so many things I want to say, so many things I want to hear from you.

But when?

I miss you.

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Happy 2nd Year, Side by Side!

Life lately… work, K-drama, sleep (skip this sometimes), work, K-drama again. (pfftt!)

Not that I’ve been very busy, I was just hooked up with K-drama lately that sometimes I found myself too lazy to write. Every time I typed a word, I looked at my phone and tadaa.. “just one episode” and then I realized I already had four of it. (facepalm) Which means… no more time for blogging. 😦

Anyway, I’m on a RECOVERY mode now. I’m REHABILITATING myself. I’ll have my life again soon. (fingerscrossed)

So, what do we have here???


It’s this corner’s BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 2 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Thank you for all the never ending support despite the long hiatus. I’ll be back on track soon, just working on this K-Drama habit.

It’s 2 years and we hope to see you next year, too. 😀

’til next time, everybody!

Keep safe!

Love, Demi


P.S Oh, don’t forget to visit us on Ace and Demi Travel Stories to know where hubby and I had been these days. 😀 See yah!

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What Our 11 Months of Marriage Taught Me.

…marriage is about becoming a team. You’re going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of marriage is that if you picked the right person and you both love each other, you always figure out a way to get through it. ~ Nicholas Sparks


I woke up into hubby’s warm hug this morning as he greeted me a “happy 11 months of marriage“. Time has gone way too fast. It was like I decided to marry this man yesterday and yet, we’ll already be celebrating our first wedding anniversary next month. 🙂

Before that big day, here’s what my 11 months of marriage has taught me so far:


  • It’s okay to re-watch your wedding videos for the nth time. 😛

    Like, common. It was one of the biggest days of our life. There’s nothing wrong with not getting over our vows and keep playing it or even decide to use it as my phone’s ringtone. 😀 Here’s the catch: everytime we fight, I watch it again. It reminds me of that day when we vowed to be together through thick or thin. And even reminds me why I married him on the first place.

  • Check the “married” spot when filling up a form.

    Believe it or not, it took me three months to avoid checking the “single” box in the civil status of a form. And yeah, my 11 months of marriage taught me to choose the correct box and not ask for another form because I made a mistake. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Share responsibilities.

    Whether I like it or not, I have to do the laundry while he is doing the house-cleaning. 😀 I learned to not wait for my mom’s nag to do this and that. It makes the whole work easier and faster when the chores are shared. Well, I guess, having a husband who is willing to help is a bonus.

  • Be the first to apologize.

    Being the first to say “sorry” during an argument or a fight does not make me the loser. Sometimes, it’s a pain on my ego but I’d rather hurt it than prolong the fight which is more painful. Then I realized, saying that “S” word is not that bad at all especially if you’re doing it for your relationship.

  • Not to complain about his cooking.

    One of the most important thing I’ve learned is to NEVER complain about his cooking, especially if I don’t know how to do it myself. I have to choose between starving or eating his “okay” recipe. 😀

  • We don’t have to like the same things.

    At first my perception of a successful marriage is to agree with same things. But our 11 months of marriage slapped me on my face and made me realize that I was wrong. During our first two months, we noticed that we disagree with most things which does not happen often when we were not married yet. Along the way, we learned to adjust and respect each other’s choices and meet half-way although most of the time he gives in to mine.

  • Finances is a sensitive issue.

    Most couple arguments are because of the finances, especially if you have kid(s). Ace and I don’t have one yet, but we already have our fair share of argument on this issue. I want to spend more on traveling while he wants to save more for our future. During the first six months, we had a hard time resolving this matter but eventually, we were able to meet on a common point. Because we are both earning, his income would go to the house bills and savings while mine would be for the food and travels. In that way, we were able to avoid fights about financial matters.


It’s still a long way to go. We have yet to celebrate our first year of marriage. There’s no telling as to what would happen but all we have is the HOPE that our vows will work and that this road we are walking right now leads to FOREVER. ❤ ❤ ❤

Cheers to another month!

I’m living you with this wonderful find from Google.

Marriage Box.

Most people get married believing a myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things they have longed for: companionship, intimacy, friendship, etc. The truth is that marriage at the start is an empty box. You must put something in before you can take anything out. There is no love in marriage. Love is in people. And people put love in marriage. There is no romance in marriage. You have to infuse it into your marriage. A couple must learn the art and form the habit of giving, loving, serving, praising keeping the box full. If you take out more than you put in, the box will be empty.

“til next time.

Keep safe!

Love, Ace and Demi

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Discover Catmon | Chasing Waterfalls and Trekking Rivers

Trek the rivers of Catmon, Cebu and chase the town’s hidden falls this summer!

Ace and Demi Travel Stories

The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. ~~ Roald Dahl

20170320_202833 Tinubdan Falls, Catmon

Catmon, Cebu — home of Cebu’s second highest peak, Mt Kapayas. Despite being flocked by outdoor enthusiasts and the like, this town remained self-effacing and humble. And lately, with people’s never ending quest of discovering wonderful places to visit, Catmon, in all fairness has another reason to boast.


Behind the tall mountains of the municipality hides a wonderful haven full of nature’s bliss. A mysterious river slithers through the valleys of the town and divided it into the Old Catmon and New Catmon.


This place is not known to many people not even to most locals. Some of them knew the place but never dared to visit it because of the creepy stories that circulates around the town. Not even the kids in the area are fond to play in this river.


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Coal Mountain Resort | Bringing You Back To Nature

Perfect place to escape the heat of this season.

Ace and Demi Travel Stories

Let’s wander where the WIFI is weak or where there’s no SIGNAL at all. 

While everybody’s planning for a beach getaway, we, on the otherhand, found ourselves in the middle of the woods, surounded  by mountains, hearing the music not everybody can hear. We’re going back to nature!

IMG20170219112423 Ace and Demi Coal Mountain Resort Story

Who would have thought a place which was used as a grazing ground for carabaos could give us a total relaxation away from chaotic life in the city? In the outskirts of Argao, lies this wondrous haven called Coal Mountain Resort, a perfect place for those who wanted retreat from the bustling metropolis.

20170331_170711 Find Demi.

The hubby and I had our post-Valentine celebration (we just need some reason to getaway, you know) in this haven. I was very excited that I booked a room more than a week ahead. Well, I think that was…

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Pulong Binisaya | Bisaya ni Bai!

Balik handom sa akong gidak-an nga pinulongan! Bangon Bisaya!

Ace and Demi Travel Stories

Kini usa ka espesyal nga salmot akong dalit alang sa mga Bisaya og sa mga gihidlaw pagbasa ug paminaw niining atong pinulongan.

Usa ka isig manunuwat ang nakapa agni kanako nga magsuwat gamit ang atong Binisaya nga pulong. Ang akong inspirasyon atong taguon sa pangalan nga “TheGirl” o “AngBabaye”. Sama kanako, usa siya ka manunuwat, apan talagsaon ang iyang mga salmot. Kasagaran niini mga balak nga sa kasing-kasing mokumot gayud. Ayaw kalimot pagbisita sa iyahang pahina pagkahuman nimo pagbasa aniang akoang salmot usab.

BISAYA? Kaantigo ka pa ba?

Makasabot ka pa ba kung imong ka-istorya ang gigamit mao kining pinulongana? Sa akong bahin… malisod gayud. Ako mismo moangkon, malisod. Ngano ba? Sa panahon karon, ang pulong nga banyaga mao ang sayon nga malitok sa atong mga ba-ba.

Sa atong mga tulunghaan, sa ako nagatungha pa, pa Inglison man gayud mi sa among mga maestra. Nahinumduman ko pa, kung kami masakpan…

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Digressing | The Post You Should Not Read

Been a long while since I last posted. Life gets on my way and it’s out of my control. I have an article drafted for one month but I can’t seem to finish it. (Sigh!)
What am I doing right now?
Just letting these fingers move and synch with my brain. I actually don’t know where this post leads to. I just feel like writing with no sense. I want to find the flame again. (Another sigh!)
I know I am digressing. Sorry. Please stop reading now. I don’t want you to feel disappointed by realizing that you’ve read this far and yet you don’t find anything sensible. (One more sigh!)
Oh!? So you want me to continue writing. I noticed that you’re still reading ’til here. I don’t know what to feel. Should I be happy because you heeded or should I be sad because I know you’ll hit that unfollow button after this? Oh boy! Please stop before you change your mind.
Does that sound annoying? Yeah, I felt it annoying. I want to stop writing now but  my fingers…they keep pressing the keys. And my brain…the words are exploding but I don’t know what are they.
Oh, I apologize for taking you here. I guess I get it. I am writing, finally writing. Gotta pull myself together and stop this. I don’t want to waste your time anymore. Don’t you see? You’re reading until here but you don’t get what I am really trying to imply. I don’t get it, too.
Forgive me. Check the time and see that you just wasted your two minutes reading this. (One more sigh!) You want to click that unfollow button? Can I stop you? Nah, I won’t do that. It’s my fault, I know.

(Bump my head and came back to my senses!!! Urgh! It hurts, you know.)

😀 Did you actually read this? Until here? Wow!
Now, leave me a word so i can THANK YOU. :*