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#OOCD — Post-Christmas Post.

Okay, I understand that this is a day late but I hope my “Merry Christmas” greetings could still reach you. And if not, well there is “Happy New Year!” 😀

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since my last OOTD post here. I apologize for the long hiatus. Yey, I realized how hard it is to manage two blogs. (Sigh!)  And oh, I hope you had visited me on Travel With Ace and Demi, if not, please drop by some time by clicking here. (Click me!) And thank you for that! 🙂


Enough for the ramblings, let’s get back to what this post all about. You might be wondering what is this OOCD in the title means. Well, I just made it — Outfit On Christmas Day. (Told yah this is late.) 😀

If you remember, hubby’s birthday falls on Christmas Day.

Last Friday, we agreed to just have a simple celebration for his birthday yesterday — go to church, eat together. However, it was also my niece’s Christening so we decided to attend the ceremony, too.


If last year’s Christmas I wore red, this year, I chose to go blue. 😀 I got this dress from a Christmas sale of one local store in our place. It was a real bargain that I only paid $4 for it. It’s so comfortable and I love the denim color. The Sunnies sunglasses I was wearing was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. Oh, I feel so blessed.

Welcome to the Christian world, baby Beatrix! May you live a good Christian and do everything for God’s glory. 

Here’s a photo of my sister, mom’s friend, mom, and yours truly (L-R).

Over to you, what was your OOCD?

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Red Polo Shirt From Hubby’s Closet. | OOTD

This post features a piece from my husband’s closet.

After two minutes of persuading, I’m very glad that he lent me his favorite red polo-shirt. Well, I guess it pays to be very loved by him. 😀


I don’t know why but I just love wearing my husband’s clothes. I feel so comfortable and safe with it. It’s like nothing could go wrong everytime I wear one of his.

And look at that color! Is that fiery-red? I cannot say no to it. Red is my favorite color next to green.


I also love how the length fits my height. LOL. And that little slit on both sides, oh they are so cute! They made me ask my husband if this is really for men.


I’m leaving you with this:

I’m not a spoiled wife, I’m just very much loved.

What do you think of this post? Leave me some words.

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Hubby and I Go Denim.

Hey, everyone! I finally found time to share a short OOTD post for you, featuring a denim outfit from hubby and me. We wore this yesterday, during our date. (More on that on my next post.)

Dungaree — my style.

Denim wear is an all-time trend: from jeans, shorts, dresses, jackets to overalls. It’s a style that never dies. We see people wearing them almost every day. It’s one of the clothes that everybody should have in their closet. Why not? Denim outfits are easy to wear and easy to style. It could fit any color you would like to pair it with.

Hubby’s style.

I am also a fan of denim fashion. I have posted some OOTD posts of me wearing such. Last Saturday, I found this cute dungaree in a local store and I never had a second thought in buying it. Hubby, on the other hand, has had these denim jeans earlier this year. It’s his favorite. 🙂


When I told him I’m wearing the dungaree, he decided to wear these jeans. (Trivia: He likes pairing with my outfits every time we go on a date.)


Did you also notice that we have the same white V-necked shirt? Yeah, right! It’s one of our numbers of couple shirts. Name the color and we have it. Lol. I hope to share some of them next time.

Cheers to us for conquering another month together!

So how did our date go? AWESOME! Check out for my next post about it.

How about you? What do you think of this denim craze? Leave me some words.






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Inlove With The Bowler.

“How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about.”  ~~Philip Treacy

Is it possible to be inlove with my husband and then also fall inlove with a hat? LOL


I know that sounds crazy but believe me, the moment I saw this bowler hat in the department store I was enamored. I feel in love again, this time with a HAT? When I tried in on, I never wanted to take it off. I knew I had to bring it home with me. 😀


As the Lithuanian Proverb says, “…for every head a hat”. I think I found the hat for my head. I can’t wait to go on adventures with it on my head. Just thinking about it makes me feel euphoric.


Over to you… what do you think?



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A-Line Skirt


Skirts are my most treasured pieces in my closet. They are simply flexible and can never be out of place as fashion evolves. Regardless the style or the length, they can be worn dressed up or down. That is why, if you have noticed, most of my OOTD’s features me wearing different types of them.


This was what I wore last Sunday when Ace and I went to church. I was wearing an A-line skirt here. I think this would look best with a big brown belt but mine was broken so I settled with this black and silver one.


Because it was a Sunday outfit, there is no need for too much accessories. The whole look was simple, but it showed sophistication.

P.S You know what I love more about this skirt? It’s the berries. 😀 They’re so cute!

What do you think?

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Sporty Vibes | Tuesday OOTD

I always love the feel of wearing whites especially during sunny days. Why not? Whites are refreshing and relaxing.

Last month, I got something from TRU Teens. And I’m so happy because they’re a pair of white sneakers. 😀


This is my second time wearing this, but I never had the chance to take an OOTD shot during my first use. I think, my whole look this time is fairly post-worthy, anyway.  Hahaha.


I paired it with this white polo I got from my mom and a denim shorts to add a bit of color difference. I tried to let the sleeves of my polo loose but it looked lazy, so I decided to fold it towards my elbow. And tada….

DSC_0918~2The Sporty Vibes. The combination of the white polo, denim shorts and the white sneakers conveys a sporty vibes for the whole look.


The no make-up face and side ponytail instantly finished it. I feel like I can stroll around the city the whole day with this fresh and comfortable outfit.


I don’t know about you, but I love how this is effortlessly put up together. 🙂


How about you? What color do you feel like wearing during busy days?


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3Bs! Blue, Black and Brown. | OOTD

It’s another beautiful Tuesday! I hope you are all doing great!

I’m still working on a post about our adventure last weekend. I’m hoping to finish it before I go to sleep tonight.

For now, here’s an OOTD entry for today.

Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life. 

My outfit is a combination of the three B colors — blue, black and brown. 🙂 My accessories are silver-colored to make the look simple yet elegant.



I love the thin brown belt because it gives life to the whole look. And it seems to match my ombre hair color.


So, what do you think?