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Happy 2nd Year, Side by Side!

Life lately… work, K-drama, sleep (skip this sometimes), work, K-drama again. (pfftt!)

Not that I’ve been very busy, I was just hooked up with K-drama lately that sometimes I found myself too lazy to write. Every time I typed a word, I looked at my phone and tadaa.. “just one episode” and then I realized I already had four of it. (facepalm) Which means… no more time for blogging. 😦

Anyway, I’m on a RECOVERY mode now. I’m REHABILITATING myself. I’ll have my life again soon. (fingerscrossed)

So, what do we have here???


It’s this corner’s BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 2 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Thank you for all the never ending support despite the long hiatus. I’ll be back on track soon, just working on this K-Drama habit.

It’s 2 years and we hope to see you next year, too. 😀

’til next time, everybody!

Keep safe!

Love, Demi


P.S Oh, don’t forget to visit us on Ace and Demi Travel Stories to know where hubby and I had been these days. 😀 See yah!

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A New Site.

First of all, I would like to THANK everyone for the never ending support you gave to my blog. Thank you so much for the likes on my posts, and for your comments that I really enjoyed reading. Thank you for patiently waiting for my next entries every time I’m gone for a while. I REALLY appreciate it!!!

When I started Side by Side, I didn’t know it would come this far. But I’m grateful for it. And I’m looking forward to more years in the blogosphere.

As you see, Side by Side is everything — personal, inspiration, love story, poem, fashion, travel, and etc. But this blog is  actually the story of my life, our life. This is the product of my imagination, my will to write and share. This tells everyone how I grow and change in different aspects of my life. It tells about my journey, my love story.

This is my journey! But if you want to, you can walk with me. 

“It takes change to make change! “

With our rising passion in traveling, we decided to make a separate site for all our travel stories. We introduce to you, Ace and Demi Travel Stories. We realized that we’ve been to a lot of places and some of our followers like to read our posts about them. However, they find it hard to filter them because the entries are commingled. That’s how we came to the idea of separating the travel stories.

To my avid Side by Side followers, there is nothing to worry because I’m still running this blog. We’ve come this far, there is no way I’m giving up now. 😀

Anyway, if you would like to hear our travel stories, follow our adventures and misadventures by clicking here.

See you on the other side!!!! :* Blessings!



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I Overcame Writer’s Block.

September 30,2016

At the moment, I’m sitting at the front porch while looking at the dark Friday night sky. The thick clouds are hidding the moon from me. Not a single star is there, except the moving clouds that would fall to rain anytime now. I feel the cold wind as it touched the exposed parts of my skin. I closed my eyes and gathered my thoughts. I felt my fingers slowly tapping the keys of my computer and I knew I’m ready to write again. 


Ahh, it feels so good. It feels so great to be here again. I miss this blank page. I miss the sound of the keys as I stroke each letter to form a word, then a sentence, then a paragraph. I miss the cursor blinking while waiting for my next tap.  

This writer’s block seriously hit me. I checked my drafts. Four unfinished entries. I’ve checked them almost everyday, trying to think on how to proceed but my mind refused to work. That’s it. I’m just another writer. And I am definitely not exempted in this quandary. 

But look! I’ve gone this far. I have this feeling that this one would not become another unfinished entry to be stored in my drafts. I have this feeling that I’m going to click that publish button. This is good! This is a good sign! 

Another cold breeze blow again. My husband is calling me to get in. I looked at the sky one more time. A star. I see a star. It’s alone, but it’s shining brightly. It looks so proud because it was able to beat the thick clouds covering the rest of the sky. 

I felt like the star. I overcame the writer’s block. I can feel my imaginary friends talking to me again. I wonder where they’ve been. Ahh!! They have so much to tell me for sure. I’ll spare their tales for next time. 

It’s getting late. Another call from hubby and I head inside. 🙂 

Goodnight, dear readers. I’ll be with you again soon. Take care! 

Love, Emz


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When You Don’t Feel Like Writing, but The Words Keep Flowing. ( A Writer’s Quandary)

Been staring on this blank page for a while now.

Written one word, two words… oh, to express I don’t know how.

I have something in mind I wanted to share,

I just can’t find the exact words to start the tale.

My imaginary friends are not visiting me.

I don’t know why, could it be because they are busy?

Oh, I think I understand,

not everytime we have the upper hand.

These words keep flowing,

I don’t really know where they’re coming.

My imaginary friends, they’re what I have waited,

but right now I think, my time isn’t wasted.

A friend once told me,

“the world may fall apart, but you will write anyway”

Because I’m a writer,

and this is my quandary.

photo credit: Google Images

P.S   Hello, there! This is my first attempt into poetry. I’m not sure if I hit the right rules. If you have any suggestions, I’m very open to it. What do you think?

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Blogger Recognition Award

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


It’s been a while since I haven’t got any award nomination here on my corner. But my good friend Paardje of Of Snail Mail, Books and Vanities remembered to give me this Blogger Recognition Award. She’s so sweet. (She even threatened to throw tantrums on me if I reject it. LOL) Thank you, Paardje.

The award has these rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (Alright, that’s done. )
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Attach the award to the post.
  • Give a brief story on how your blog started.
  • Give a piece of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.  Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them & provide a link to the award post you created.

Alright, let’s get started…

I started this blog on this same month a year ago. I’ve always love writing. I have plenty of imaginary friends with weird ideas and thoughts. Since I was in elementary, I’ve been keeping an old notebook where I express my thoughts in words. One day, I ran out of pages… hence the idea of using my computer came. You can check out how everything started here. (Because this is supposed to be brief.)

Now, this award asked me to give some advice. This is quite hard, because I’m not that experienced here. But let’s see….

  • Write to express not to impress. (Well, this is the common advice. I see this on Paardje’s post, too. Hahah)
  • Don’t leave your audience hanging. By this, I mean be regular. I didn’t say you blog everyday, because we don’t really have to. Of course there are days when we need to take a break. But don’t be on a hiatus for a long time making your people forget you. Let them know you’re still around.
  • Be part of the community. Interact with other bloggers. Visit blogs of your interest and leave footprints on them. This blogosphere is a world of imaginative people, be open-minded and just enjoy the show. 🙂

I don’t have specific people to nominate because I feel like everyone deserves this award. So, if you are someone who wants to share your story and has some advice to bloggers, YOU ARE NOMINATED!!! 🙂 You are not compelled to do this though, this is just for fun and might be some help to those who are new in the community.

However, if you have an advice yet don’t have time to make a post, you can leave it on the comment box below. 🙂 I would be happy to entertain them.

‘Til next time, wonderful people. 🙂 Keep safe!





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Happy Birthday, Side by Side!

Hello everyone!!! Care to drop by some words on my page today? 😀

Time flies so fast, and here is my little corner celebrating its first year on the web!!! Yey!


It’s been a great and wonderful year for Side by Side. And that is all because of your support. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to THANK YOU, everyone for continuously following my blog. Thank you for those thumbs up and comments. Seeing them on my feed keeps the fire burning.

I hope to spend more years with you! Let’s keep the flurry on.

Again, from the Philippines…..THANK YOU for spending time with Side by Side!!!



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3rd Day Entry | 3-day Quote Challenge

Hi, everyone!

I’m down to my last entry of the 3-day quote challenge. If you remember, my good friend Eby invited me to join. Though, I failed to do it consecutively…I’m really trying my best to catch up. Heheh (Makes me realize that I need to consider accepting this kind of blogging challenges next time. LOL)

You might wanna check my first and second entries, just click here and here. 🙂

Here’s my first quote of the day:


  • Made sense. I don’t need to ramble about this. But mind you, the first time I have read this quote, it made me thinking.


Here’s another one:


  • This is so inspiring! It’s like a promise that best things are yet to come. 🙂 It’s a wonderful reminder  especially if you’re in an unpleasant phase of life right now. It gives hope, and tells us to look forward. Tomorrow will come.



I’m choosing three good friends I have in this blogging community. Try to visit their blogs, they were some of my favorites. They are wonderful.

Harry of Sad Music, Dark Literature and Positive Thoughts 2, Estelle of Love, Estelle, and Chanel of The Real Life/Real Talk…I invite you guys to join the challenge. 🙂

The rules are quite simple (though I failed it) : Post one to three quotes per day for three days and choose three different bloggers to challenge everyday. 


And before I finish the challenge, wherever and whatever you’re doing right now, here’s last one. 🙂

The most important quote I’m keeping in my life! 🙂

Keep safe everyone!