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Fail or Not, These are Hilarious!

Hahaha, this post from Janet just made my day. These are hilarious that made me laugh out loud. 😀


via Fun at the supermarket — Janet Carr @

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Back with The Same Positive Vibes!

Make today as beautiful as you can. Let no one take away your happiness. Smile, laugh at the negativity. And you’re good. 🙂 

Hello, hello, hello everyone!!! (I’m shouting this, did you hear it?)

Oh gush, I miss you guys so much. Not writing for almost two weeks feels like forever. LOL (Yeah, that’s exaggeration.)

Anyway, it is SO good to be back. And hey, I’m back with the same energy. Haha. Forgive my absence for  I was trying to enjoy my first week of being married. 😀 I hope to share some photos of that special day of ours in the coming posts.

So for now… I’ll go ahead and catch up some of your activities. Excuse for the flood of likes. :*

Keep safe, dearies!!!!

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It Is Called ‘Purpose’.

Happy Monday, everyone!

The last Monday of the month and just one day away from June. I couldn’t keep my excitement as we approach it. It’s the busiest month next to December.

For the mean time, let me share my good vibrations today.



When you fall back down on the unforgiving ground, that’s okay. ‘Cause if there’s one thing you’ve learned along the way, it’s how to pick yourself back up. YOU DIDN’T GET HERE ON LUCK. 🙂 

And I call it ‘purpose’. We are here for it. It’s up to us to know what it is and fulfill it.


That’s all for now! Have a great week, everyone! Keep safe!

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What We Learned.

“One day, your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”


Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂

I couldn’t find the person behind that wonderful quote above. But I love it! I hope you feel the same way, too.

Anyway, this week has been a very busy one for me and Ace. We’ve got so much to do but seems like we couldn’t get anything done. (facepalm)

There’s one thing we learned in the middle of all this fuss though. We realized that preparing for a wedding is not easy. No. Yeah, it’s true. But that’s not what I mean. 🙂 We learned to hold on to each other more tightly. We disagree with some details but we’re able to fix it and not argue about it. It’s like we are tested on how prepared we are to start a new life together. And I’m proud to say, we passed it.

But marriage is a lifetime journey. We’ll be crossing many valleys and streams along the way. There will be quakes and floods, and tremendous disasters. But we are confident in each other.  🙂  Our love is stronger than any wind and shakes. It is greater than the valleys and streams. It will see us through.

Ace and I at Osmeña Peak






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3rd Day Entry | 3-day Quote Challenge

Hi, everyone!

I’m down to my last entry of the 3-day quote challenge. If you remember, my good friend Eby invited me to join. Though, I failed to do it consecutively…I’m really trying my best to catch up. Heheh (Makes me realize that I need to consider accepting this kind of blogging challenges next time. LOL)

You might wanna check my first and second entries, just click here and here. 🙂

Here’s my first quote of the day:


  • Made sense. I don’t need to ramble about this. But mind you, the first time I have read this quote, it made me thinking.


Here’s another one:


  • This is so inspiring! It’s like a promise that best things are yet to come. 🙂 It’s a wonderful reminder  especially if you’re in an unpleasant phase of life right now. It gives hope, and tells us to look forward. Tomorrow will come.



I’m choosing three good friends I have in this blogging community. Try to visit their blogs, they were some of my favorites. They are wonderful.

Harry of Sad Music, Dark Literature and Positive Thoughts 2, Estelle of Love, Estelle, and Chanel of The Real Life/Real Talk…I invite you guys to join the challenge. 🙂

The rules are quite simple (though I failed it) : Post one to three quotes per day for three days and choose three different bloggers to challenge everyday. 


And before I finish the challenge, wherever and whatever you’re doing right now, here’s last one. 🙂

The most important quote I’m keeping in my life! 🙂

Keep safe everyone!



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2nd Day Entry | The 3-day Quote Challenge.


First, I would like to apologize to Eby because I think I failed this challenge. My mind had been very busy that I almost forgot this. Anyway, despite the failure of posting for three days, I’m here trying to catch up.

I’m resuming my participation to the 3-day quote posting challenge. So, if you guys want to check my first entry, click here.

Again here is the rule of the challenge: Post one to three quotes per day for three days and choose three different bloggers to challenge everyday. 

So, here’s for my 2nd day.


  • This quote reminds me that there is always good in everything, I just have to learn how to see it. It taught me to see things in a different perspective, that every trouble always have something good in it.


  • Who doesn’t love Albert Einstein? He is a man of wisdom. This quote is one of favorites. This reminds me to never give up. It is related to this motivational quote posted on my wall “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. Remember, whatever you do, you have to keep moving.”


And lastly,


  • Perfection. Who doesn’t want that? But we don’t have to stress ourselves to become perfect. If you have been trying, but ended up failing…get up! Remind yourself that it is okay not to be one. 🙂


That’s all for today’s entry. Stay updated for my last day entry. 🙂

Before I forget… Harshi of It’s Me Harshi, Patience of Fodreamy and Jonathan of By The Mighty MumFord, I’m challenging you guys for this 3-day quote posting. 🙂 You’re not compelled to do it, this is just for fun.

‘Til my next entry, good people. Don’t forget to check my friends’ corner, they are all amazing!.

Keep safe!

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Monday| My Journey and My Shoes.

Happy Monday, everyone. It’s a very beautiful day and I just know that this would be a great week. I hope you feel the same way. 🙂

It’s another Monday vibration here in my blog. So here’s my vibes for the week…

I won’t let people decide my journey because they don’t walk in my shoes. 


Often, I tend to conform my life, my journey with other people’s. I forget that I am wearing different shoes. 

Just because people are doing this and not doing that, we try to just go with the flow in order to fit in. There is always this fear of being and doing different, of going against the social norm. We are afraid that people will think we are crazy and silly.

But that is what and how we are made. We are made to be different, to be ourselves, to do something others are not doing. 🙂

So, today…I decided to be this person. I claim my own shoes. I’m going to journey my life’s purpose differently with this unique shoes I have. 😀

Who knows, in this journey our roads will meet? No one can tell. Let’s take one step at a time. 🙂

And that concludes my day’s vibration…

‘Til my next vibes, people. Keep safe, and journey safe! Goodnight!