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Discover Catmon | Chasing Waterfalls and Trekking Rivers

Trek the rivers of Catmon, Cebu and chase the town’s hidden falls this summer!

Ace and Demi Travel Stories

The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. ~~ Roald Dahl

20170320_202833 Tinubdan Falls, Catmon

Catmon, Cebu — home of Cebu’s second highest peak, Mt Kapayas. Despite being flocked by outdoor enthusiasts and the like, this town remained self-effacing and humble. And lately, with people’s never ending quest of discovering wonderful places to visit, Catmon, in all fairness has another reason to boast.


Behind the tall mountains of the municipality hides a wonderful haven full of nature’s bliss. A mysterious river slithers through the valleys of the town and divided it into the Old Catmon and New Catmon.


This place is not known to many people not even to most locals. Some of them knew the place but never dared to visit it because of the creepy stories that circulates around the town. Not even the kids in the area are fond to play in this river.


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Coal Mountain Resort | Bringing You Back To Nature

Perfect place to escape the heat of this season.

Ace and Demi Travel Stories

Let’s wander where the WIFI is weak or where there’s no SIGNAL at all. 

While everybody’s planning for a beach getaway, we, on the otherhand, found ourselves in the middle of the woods, surounded  by mountains, hearing the music not everybody can hear. We’re going back to nature!

IMG20170219112423 Ace and Demi Coal Mountain Resort Story

Who would have thought a place which was used as a grazing ground for carabaos could give us a total relaxation away from chaotic life in the city? In the outskirts of Argao, lies this wondrous haven called Coal Mountain Resort, a perfect place for those who wanted retreat from the bustling metropolis.

20170331_170711 Find Demi.

The hubby and I had our post-Valentine celebration (we just need some reason to getaway, you know) in this haven. I was very excited that I booked a room more than a week ahead. Well, I think that was…

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Pulong Binisaya | Bisaya ni Bai!

Balik handom sa akong gidak-an nga pinulongan! Bangon Bisaya!

Ace and Demi Travel Stories

Kini usa ka espesyal nga salmot akong dalit alang sa mga Bisaya og sa mga gihidlaw pagbasa ug paminaw niining atong pinulongan.

Usa ka isig manunuwat ang nakapa agni kanako nga magsuwat gamit ang atong Binisaya nga pulong. Ang akong inspirasyon atong taguon sa pangalan nga “TheGirl” o “AngBabaye”. Sama kanako, usa siya ka manunuwat, apan talagsaon ang iyang mga salmot. Kasagaran niini mga balak nga sa kasing-kasing mokumot gayud. Ayaw kalimot pagbisita sa iyahang pahina pagkahuman nimo pagbasa aniang akoang salmot usab.

BISAYA? Kaantigo ka pa ba?

Makasabot ka pa ba kung imong ka-istorya ang gigamit mao kining pinulongana? Sa akong bahin… malisod gayud. Ako mismo moangkon, malisod. Ngano ba? Sa panahon karon, ang pulong nga banyaga mao ang sayon nga malitok sa atong mga ba-ba.

Sa atong mga tulunghaan, sa ako nagatungha pa, pa Inglison man gayud mi sa among mga maestra. Nahinumduman ko pa, kung kami masakpan…

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Let’s Have Fun Getting to Know Each Other.

Hello, everyone! Happy Thursday!

I can already feel all the good vibes because the weekend is around the corner. So to express my good vibration here, I thought of something fun to post.

Here’s a fun way to get to know me more. I actually found this on Facebook, and enjoyed it very much. I thought, I might as well share it to you guys.



* Those in pink are some of the things I’ve done and experienced so far.

  • Fired a gun.
  • Been engaged.
  • Been married.   (yeah, soon!)
  • Fell in love.  (I am in love.)
  • Gone on a blind date.   (when I was in high school, yeah)
  • Skipped school.  (and pretended to be sick. lol)
  • Watched someone give birth.  (my younger sister gave birth of Ahkira at home)
  • Watched someone die. (not die, but dying)
  • Been to France.
  • Been to Hawaii.
  • Been to Perth.
  • Been to Disneyland.
  • Visited Italy.  (I would, someday!)
  • Seen the Grand Canyon in person.
  • Been drunk and pass out. (haha)
  • Flown in a helicopter.  (once, and I won’t do it again!)
  • Been on a cruise ship.
  • Served on a jury.
  • Been in a movie.
  • Been in a jail.
  • Been on the Spirit of Tasmania.
  • Played in a band.
  • Sang karaoke.  (Ace is a frustrated singer. So yeah, We do it once a month.)
  • Made prank phone calls. (haha, I’d love to, but I never tried.)
  • Laughed so much you cried. (super)
  • Experienced snow in person. (nope)
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue.  (I would do this once I’ll experience snow.)
  • Had children.
  • Had a pet.  
  • Been sledding on a big hill.
  • Been skiing.
  • Jumped on a 20 ft waterfalls. (yeah! and I’d love to do it again! and even higher 😛 )
  • Rode on a motorcycle. (like everyday of my life)
  • Jumped out of a plane.  (hahah, no…the pilot did not allow me. LOL)
  • Been to drive-in movie.
  • Rode an elephant.
  • Been on TV.
  • Been in newspaper.
  • Stayed in hospital.  (once)
  • Donated blood. (nope, I’m the one needing the blood)
  • Gotten a piercing. (on my ears)
  • Gotten a tattoo.  (Ace doesn’t want me to get one)
  • Driven a car. (tried and bumped it on a tree. lol)
  • Been scuba diving. (nope, I can’t swim)
  • Climbed a mountain. (yeah,and be climbing more)
  • Lived on your own. 
  • Rode in the back of a police car. (we hitched a ride)
  • Got a speeding ticket. (no! the police failed to catch me because I was speeding (pun intended) )
  • Made a blog. (You’re on it right now.)
  • Caught a big fish. (not a BIG one)
  • Been canoeing. 
  • Dined in a floating restaurant.
  • Meet the country’s president.


Ditto are just few things about me. There are still a lot of things I have and haven’t done. 😀

Let me know if we share the same experiences. 🙂 Leave me a word or two.

Keep safe!


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PMS and Whatever!

Great! So, it’s Friday! For the first time in a long time that I don’t feel excited. (I guess, I don’t really feel anything at all.)

Why am I surprised that I don’t feel like it is? Oh yeah. This ‘girl-thing’. PMS…right? Yeah, whatever it’s called.

So, out of nowhere…I opened my computer and searched for it. Nah, of course I know what it is. And I know that it is some kind of a hormonal whatever…Tsk!  What I want to know is…well, I don’t exactly know why I’m searching for it. Sorry, I feel like a mess.

So, here are good Mr. Google and Mr. Wiki trying to help me. Let’s see what I learned.

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period. Common symptoms include acne, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes.

(Which is in my own definition, the time of the month when girls are excused for being crazy.) Wait! Did I just say crazy? I’m sorry, I don’t really mean that. Alright, I’m in this period, so maybe you could excuse me? 😀

Aha! I think I realized what I wanted to know. I want to know the causes. Let’s see.

The cause of PMS is unknown.

What? Duh! Whatever!


Let me end this post here because I just realized that this makes no sense. Yeah right! There is no sense of writing this at all. Just a pure rambling of a girl with her PMS and whatever.



P.S Thanks for reading until here, by the way. I’ll try to post something with sense next time. 🙂

Keep safe!