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Once Upon A Summer Time in Camotes Island | Day 2

Every summer has its own story. 🙂

And here is ours…..

Welcome to our Day 2 Camotes Island adventure. You may catch up our Day 1 adventure by clicking this. You can see the list of our expenses at the end of this post. 🙂


So, because it was just a weekend getaway, as much as we wanted to stay longer in the island, we couldn’t because we have to work the next day.

Ace set up his alarm at 6:00am, but I was already up as early as 5:00. I tried to wake him up, but his sleepy head refused to. I went out to check if the girls are already up. Here’s my morning view.

I could wake up to this everyday.

There were already few people in the beach. Just looking at the wide shore, made me want to start the day immediately. But wait, let’s see if Abby and Louise were already up.

Wake up, sleepy heads!

Uh-oh! Not yet. But because I was very excited to hit the beach, I woke them up. Heheh.. After doing so, I went back to our room to wake up the handsome guy. 🙂

We had our breakfast first. The girls wanted to eat some bread. There is a bakery shop nearby, so we took a walk and looked for it. Ace and I, by the way, ate our breakfast  in a restaurant by the beach because I wanted to eat some rice.

Camotes Island is known for its beautiful white beaches. On our first day, we went to Mangudlong Rock Resort. But this time, we’re in Santiago White Beach.


Alright, so time to hit the beach.

The photo-bombing bamboo pole. Tsk.
Oh dear, you don’t know how thick is the sun cream on my skin.
Abby’s signature pose. LOL

The sun was scorching hot. Abby had her face done because of this pose. Haha.

Here’s Louise.

She didn’t want a close up shot. Wish granted.

Our handsome lifeguard.
I don’t know how to play it, so the ball is just a prop. LOL 😛

Now, you know why I love this man. 😀

And why he loves me. 😛

Haha, so much for our love story.

Here’s a fact: Ace doesn’t know how to back float. We tried to teach him but he’s not a great student. Hahah.

Floating ladies.

It was already 9:30, and the sun’s heat was already unbearable.

Goodluck for the tans.

We agreed to stop swimming by 10 because it was already very hot… We went back to our resort and prepared our things because we have to be early at the port to buy our tickets. During peak seasons, tickets are usually fully booked an hour before departure time.

We were supposed to ride the 3pm boat going to Danao Port, but we learned that there is a 1pm ride. So we called Kuya James to pick us up so we can still buy tickets. Luckily, when we reached the port, the 11:30 boat was still there and tickets were still available. So, without second thinking, we agreed to board it. The bus left at exactly 12:00 instead of 11:30 because there were only few passengers. Crews said, it’s the afternoon ride which are usually loaded. Regardless to that, we’re happy to go home without any problems.

Leaving the island.
Look who are tanned.

We love to stay longer but we have a work in the city the next day. So, maybe we can during our next visit. 🙂

‘Til we meet again, Camotes. Adios!


Here’s the list of our expenses (Ace and I shared budget but I’m writing an individual expenses for you) :

Day 1

  • Fare (Mandaue-Danao Port) – Php 30
  • Boat ticket (Danao-Camotes) – Php 180
  • Terminal fee – Php 5
  • Motorcycle fee (Php 600/2) – Php 300
  • Buho Rock Resort Entrance Fee – Php 20
  • Timubo Cave Entance Fee – Php 25
  • Lake Danao – Php 15
  • Kayaking Fee – Php 50
  • Paraiso Cave – Php 35
  • Mangudlong Rock Resort – Php 20

Day 2

  • Boat Ticket (Camotes-Danao) – Php 180
  • Terminal fee – Php 5
  • Pedicab to Danao Terminal – Php 15
  • Jeepney Fare (Danao to Mandaue) – Php 30

Other expenses:

  • Tent Rental – Php 350
  • Aircon Room at Bella Vista Mare Resort – Php 1450*

  * This is where we slept. 

** Food expenses are not included here because we have different preferences. Rest assured, food in Camotes Island are of reasonable prices.


I hope you enjoyed our Camotes island adventure! ‘Til next travel! Keep safe. 🙂











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7 thoughts on “Once Upon A Summer Time in Camotes Island | Day 2

  1. Your whole blog about Camotes Island is mixed with fun experiences and really entertaining. (Hehehe😀😁😃). You guys seem to enjoy a good deal. Been to Camotes Island way back 2013 I guessed, it was such a beautiful Island.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great résumé of your weekend. …And a great signature pose from Abby 😀

    The expenses look reasonable, too! That works out at 40 British pounds each without food. You couldn’t do as much as this for the same amount in Britain. A supermarket sandwich on its own is around three pounds and a cup of coffee in somewhere like Costa or Starbucks is about two pounds.

    Liked by 2 people

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