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One Beat, One Dance, One Vision!

So, I have my batteries recharged already. It’s time to share how I spent the Sinulog weekend. 🙂 

Viva Pit Senior! It’s the time of the year where we dance “one step forward and one step backward while waving our hands in the air”. It’s one beat, one dance and vision…it’s Sinulog time!!!

As one of the biggest festival, in fact, dubbed as “the mother of all festival in the country”, it is expected to be flocked by people from different parts of the world. This year is not an exception. 2 million people in estimation, flocked together for the Sinulog grand parade and solemn procession (as reported).

This festival is in honor of Sr Sto Nino de Cebu. This is a mixture of religious and cultural event. Several activities are held during the Sinulog week. (Miss Cebu, fireworks display, street dancing…and many more)

Sadly, a stampede happened in Mango Avenue. Thankfully, we did not go there. Most people flocked there for the “morning the night disco party” where they went wet and wild and they even threw paint to the dancing crowd.

Sr. Sto Nino


On the first day (Saturday), there was a fluvial parade in the morning. However, we were not able to witness it. In the afternoon, was the solemn land procession around downtown. We did not join the procession because we have two kids with us, so we just lit our candles and said our prayer of thanks.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that I was with Ace, my mom and this two cute kids.

Who are this kids? On my next post. 😀 Teaser, the girl was mine.

More photos with them 🙂

In the evening, we decided not to go near the “party places” because it’s too crowded. So we settled in the night market instead. We bought shoes at a real bargain which we wore on the second day.


On the second day, was the Sinulog Grand Parade. Contingents from different part of Philippines participated in the street dancing and Sinulog dance competition. I wanted to see the grand parade because famous actors and actresses were joining but the weather was too hot, and Ace thought I couldn’t stand the heat and the crowd traffic. (Last year, I hyperventilated and almost lost my consciousness because of the crowd, so that’s what we were trying to avoid this time.) 😥

Thanks to Louise for this photos. We were supposed to go together but the mobile networks were also having a congestion, so it was already evening when we received each other’s messages from the morning. So, just enjoy these photo of her under the sun.

On the other hand, Ace and I went to his grandparent’s house to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday. This was the second time I met them, they are very kind. And look, aren’t they the sweetest?


We spent the whole afternoon there because the weather is really too hot. We left there by 5:00 pm and went to Popeye’s Grill. It’s a pub. I liked it there because it was not as chaotic outside. There was also a live band playing. Though it was also full of people at least they were not throwing paint to you.

The roads were blocked so we had to walk for a kilometer before reaching the pub. Here’s some photos while walking.

And so we reached the pub. Ace’s friends were already there. We watched the live band and played billiards as if I know how to play it well. And, hey, I got this henna tattoo.

Just like a tattoo.


This year’s Sinulog celebration of mine is very different from my previous Sinulogs. This is the first time that I didn’t mixed with the crowd. But I had a wonderful time. I was safe. 


‘Til next Sinulog! Viva!




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14 thoughts on “One Beat, One Dance, One Vision!

  1. Thanks for sharing your festival weekend. I’ve just looked up Santo Niño de Cebú, which is Spanish for Holy Child of Cebu, for a bit of background reading. Britain has been a Protestant nation for centuries and the festival isn’t observed here. However, Roman Catholics do practice openly in Britain…there’s a whole blog post about Christianity in Britain, to be honest.

    Anyway, the children. I’m pretty sure that the sweet girl is a certain Ahkira. Not sure about the boy, though.

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  2. Wow, such a rich and colorful cultural event! I like to learn about the festivities of other cultures/countries. It seems that here in the States we take everyone else’s celebrations and use them as an excuse to drink. St. Patrick’s? Hey, have a Guinness! Cinco de meyo? Let’s have a Corona or two. You get the gist of it I am sure. Glad to see you had a wonderful time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Liz. 🙂

      Well, there are still some people who use this event as an excuse for drinking and be wild. In fact, some say, this is the time when being drunk and sleeping on the street is fine. Which, I think, is so not right.

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